Top Most Talented Indian Child Prodigies Who Surprised The World

Anil Singh - Dec 31, 2019

Top Most Talented Indian Child Prodigies Who Surprised The World

These Indian child prodigies are more than excellent, they're ultra-outstanding.

India is the fatherland of many talented scientists, well-known intellectuals as well as successful entrepreneurs all over the world. In almost every field, Indian academic fellows always show their gifted mindset and skills that they’ve already owned and developed from their childhood. In this article, we’re not going to name the most famous Indian scientists but the most outstanding kids, their early achievements, and what they’re planning for the future. Let's see how they made India proud!

1. Akrit Jaswal

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Akrit Jaswal

Field: Medicine

Akrit Jaswal is the first child prodigy on this list. At his very young age of 7, Jaswal successfully completed a complicated surgery. When Jaswal was 12 years old, he was allowed to enroll in a medical college and started researching a method to cure cancer. The 1993-born boy once appeared on the famous American TV show, “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

2. Priyanshi Somani

Talented Kids Priyanshi Somani Trophies
Priyanshi Somani

Field: Mental Calculation

Priyanshi Somani is considered one of the fastest human calculators in the world. What’s more, she got a very early trophy at the age of twelve when attending the Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 and taking the helm as a champion. She had to face a total of 36 competitors from 16 nations but became the only candidate who got a 100% rate of accuracy during all the tests. As a matter of fact, her name later has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

3. Kautilya Pandit

File Pic Google Boy Kautilya Pandit
Kautilya Pandit

Field: Mental prowess

Owning an IQ of around 150 at the age of 8, Kautilya Pandit’s brain acts as an Encyclopedia of information about every section of more than 200 countries in the world, such as population, economic indicates, culture heritages, or even source of their incomes. His overwhelming memory and grasping power had won Rs. 10 Lakh from the Haryana government, and been awarded the “Bal Manishi” title (Child Prodigy).

4. Aravindh Chithambaram

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Aravindh Chithambaram

Field: Chess

Promoted as the rising star for India’s chess community, Chithambaram once struggled with financial difficulties but it was not long after that, he became one of the few chess grandmasters receiving the precious title at a very young age of 15.

5. Angad Daryani

Angad Daryani

Field: Technology and inventions.

This boy made an affordable 3D printer when he was just 13, despite the fact that he had to drop out of the school to learn by himself. More notable, Daryani collaborated with MIT to create an ‘eye-pad’ to help the blind as well as took part in a bunch of complicated projects.

6. Edmund Thomas Clint 

Edmund Thomas Clint The Prince Of Colours Keralas
Edmund Thomas Clint 

Field: Arts

Born in Kerala, Edmund Thomas Clint completed over 30,000 artworks before unfortunately passing away at the age of 7, due to kidney failure. Clint was a credit to his hometown and his name is associated with a road in Kochi, Kerala.

7. Balamurali Ambati 


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Balamurali Ambati 

Field: Ophthalmology

Ambati was the youngest doctor throughout history when he got a bachelor's degree at 13 and achieved a distinct Doctor of Medicine degree at the age of 17. He was also the co-author of a research about the century-old disease, AIDS.

9. Tathagat Avatar Tulsi

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi
Tathagat Avatar Tulsi

Field: Science

Tulsi is famous for being one of the most talented youngsters in Asia, according to TIME. At the age of 10, he was graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree then a Master's degree two years later. At a very young age of 17, Tulsi did enroll for his first Ph.D.

10. Pravin Kumar Gorakavi

Pravin Kumar Gorakavi 

Field: Technology & inventions

At the age of 13, he was able to design a calendar for 20,000 years. It was not long after his 15, Gorakavi created an artificial leg for disabled people and was awarded as ‘Balshree’ recipient by the President of India.


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