India Ranks 2nd On Top Countries Affected By Spam Calls In 2018 With 22 Spam Turns Per User Per Month

Anita - Jan 01, 2019

India Ranks 2nd On Top Countries Affected By Spam Calls In 2018 With 22 Spam Turns Per User Per Month

India still has to face the issue of telemarketing spam in 2018 as it ranks 2nd in the global ranking with the average of 22 spams per user per month.

So far, the situation of spam threats on smartphones has still been a prominent issue in India, although Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been trying its best to control this situation.

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Due to this issue, Indian people are still favoring Trucaller application. Trucaller has recently released another data regarding the number of spams that they had to handle in 2018.

Notably, the above figures, however, are obviously limited to only the number of smartphones installing the Truecaller application only. Still, it represents a problem that has been causing quite a lot of troubles for smartphone users.

This year, the total calls and texts made by global users of Truecaller application were estimated at 21,7 billion (an increase of 200 percent year-on-year), and 3.4 billion, respectively. At the same time, Truecaller also recognized and prevented about a large number of spam calls of about 17.7 billion after scanning. It accounted for more than 81 percent in the total dialer-made calls this year.

The contents of the spam calls are related to anything like telemarketing or scams. One out of four calls made is spam calls. According to the list of top 10 countries affected by spam calls in 2018, unlike previous years that India usually led the list, it ranked the second position this year, following Brazil.

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Top 10 countries affected by spam calls in 2018, Brazil is way ahead of any other countries

The average number of spam calls in Brazil was estimated at 37.5 calls/user/month in 2018. Meanwhile, the second position, India, had 22.3 calls and the third, Chile, had 21.9 calls.

The breakdown of the number of spammers that Truecaller discovered in 2018. A South Africa-based telemarketer made the total of 6.9 million spam calls using just one number, but another Indian single local telemarketer broke this record by making 43 million spam calls.

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In addition, 700 spam SMS from a phone number were sent by another Indian telemarketer in only one year.


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