India - One Of The World Most Regular Victim Of Phishing Attacks

Shakti - Nov 24, 2018

India - One Of The World Most Regular Victim Of Phishing Attacks

India among top 4 countries targeted for phishing attacks. That's the announcement in RSA report, a research of RSA Security, a Dell Technologies.

There are a lot of phishing attacks from the active banking Trojan horse malware. These dangerous programmes quietly and hidden run in the victim computers without detection until the disaster day.

On Monday, research from RSA Security, a business owned by Dell Technologies, indicates that India is listed in the group of 4 countries targeted by phishing attacks the most. According to the research, other 3 countries of this targeted group including the US, the Netherlands, and Canada. This report also points out India as the nation to host the second most online frauds, just after the US.


India and 3 others targeted for phishing attacks

A phishing attack is an attempt to get a user's sensitive information like user's usernames, passwords, and even credit card information by disguising as a trustworthy website or email. Hacker often guides users to input the personal information in its fake website.

Based on the RSA Quarterly Fraud Report on the third Quarter of 2018, phishing attacks make up 50 percent among all the detected fraud attacks.

In Quarter 3, RSA Report pointed out 38,196 fraud attacks internationally. The Q3 phishing figure was 70 percent higher than that in the Q2. However, the financial malware attacks decreased from 16 percent in the second quarter to 12 percent in the third Quarter.

According to the report, in the last ten years, phishing attacks, along with malware-based attacks, is the online fraud method that is the most prolific.

Not only do these phishing attacks allow online financial fraud, but they also break off our sense of security since they have developed in mimicking legitimate accounts, messages, sites, links, and individuals.

During the quarter, RSA research also pointed out 9,329 mobile apps, equivalent to 24 percent of total fraud attacks.

Attacks from smartphone browsers and apps increased in Quarter 3, it represents 73 percent of the total fraud transactions. The attacks from mobile apps grew by 27 percent.

Also from the RSA report, about 5.5 mil credit cards in the third Quarter, increased 8 percent compared to the previous indicators.


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