An Incredible World Has Been Found Deep Under The Ocean

Parvati Misra - Oct 12, 2018

An Incredible World Has Been Found Deep Under The Ocean

While mapping the 249-mile seafloor of Tasmania, scientists have discovered a stunning “lost world” off the east coast of Australia.

While mapping the 249-mile seafloor of Tasmania, Scientists from Australian National University discovered a stunning “lost world” off the east coast of Australia. It never ever been seen by a human.

The chain of seamounts is underwater mountains formed by ancient volcanoes which is 3-km-higher sea level. It has never been discovered before despite the massive height. Even the highest mountain is hidden below the surface of the South Pacific just 2km (1.2 miles).

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According to the statement of Tara Martin, a marine geoscientist from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), a range of volcanic seamounts standing up from a massively abyssal plain (about 5000 meters) is revealed vibrantly on the multibeam mapping. It is a diverse landscape and will likely be a biological hotspot that contributes to marine environmental research.

The scientists state that the terrain of volcanic ranges in shape and size. They’re probably sharp ridges or large plateaus punctuated by rounded hills and conical summits.

The project determined the relationship between food and behavior of phytoplankton in the Currently East Australia. While mapping the seafloor, the team detected the unexplored contours, formed in another era. Martin said that he and his team were completely confident the breakup of Australia and Antarctica was linked to these seamounts. It happened about 30 million years ago.

When Australia separated from the Antarctic and drifted apart. The mark left on passing plates was these volcanoes.

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Humans are already planning to study the terrain as well as marine organisms and their environment in the summer in Australia. However, scientists concern these volcanic as a navigational center for sea creatures living in the deep. The scientists suggest that these seamounts may be a stopping point for some migratory creatures, especially whales, which navigate by the undersea features.
The team hopes that these seamounts will be a biodiversity hotspot throughout a year. And when the summer comes, there has another chance for humans to discover the secrets of the marine environment. Additionally, the scientists found the ocean productivity increased over the seamounts, there has an increase in phytoplankton activity as well as various marine life, like seabirds and a giant pod of pilot whales
051 volcanic seamounts 3
051 volcanic seamounts 3
We do not completely understand how this stunning “lost world” and its inhabitants influence each other. But we have discovered a diverse marine ecosystem here.


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