Identifying People By Their HeartBeat With New Lasers

Cooky - Jul 14, 2019

Identifying People By Their HeartBeat With New Lasers

Here are Jetson Laser and Better Biometric - 2 new lasers which are able to recognize people by their heartbeat from a certain distance.

Jetson Laser

Currently, there is a device being developed by the America Special Forces, which can identify the unique features related to a person’s heart by applying an IR laser from a certain distance. Jetson Laser, a special project of the Pentagon, boasts the ability to work from a range of 200 meters. Moreover, its advanced versions can work from greater distances.

New lasers technology

A member of the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office of the Pentagon and also a member of the project - Steward Remaly says that under right conditions, this can obtain more than 95% accuracy, as reviewed by MIT Technology.

Pentagon's laser can identify people with their heartbeats

Infrared radiation is able to detect the changes in the amount of light reflected in a person’s bloodstream then infer the pulse of that person based on the collected data. This is said to be similar to the heartbeat sensor on Apple Watch. By contrast, with the help of a new technique called laser vibrometry, Jetson Laser – the new device makes an analysis of tiny vibrations on the skin surface and then identify a heartbeat, which works efficiently via a clothing layer like a jacket or a shirt.

Better Biometric

It means that the laser works well in certain situations in which the face recognition system using biological data cannot identify the targeted face correctly. Even though facial recognition is a common method for having biometric identification, a frontal and clear view of the face is essential; however, it is quite hard to get that view.

Biometric identification system

Steward Remaly said to MIT Technology Review:


This technology is outstanding, but it takes the device nearly 30 seconds to have a good read; therefore, it is necessary for a target to sit or stand still.

Biometric Identification Can Fail Too
Biometric identification can fail too

It is advisable that the U.S armed forces create a database of cardiac signature from scratch to take advantage of the device.


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