Hyundai Group To Launch Automobile Taxi Service, 44 EV Models And More

Anita - Jan 05, 2019

Hyundai Group To Launch Automobile Taxi Service, 44 EV Models And More

Hyundai Motor Group intends to launch many futuristic ideas in the future like electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells vehicles, and autonomous ride-sharing service.

At Hyundai Motor Group’s recent meeting chaired by Chung Eui-sun, the Group’s Deputy Chairman on the occasion of New Year, the Group is likely to have some “futuristic” ideas on the way. Regarding the word “futuristic,” it almost consists of all the advanced inventions which happen in the mobility industry such as electric vehicles, vehicles using hydrogen fuel cells, and autonomous ride-sharing service, which Hyundai Group intends to launch in the short and long terms.

Hyundai Autonomous Ioniq
Hyundai's IONIQ

According to Chung’s speech to the company’s employees, the company had to completely face complete new game rules. At the first meeting since Chung was promoted to become the Group’s Deputy Chairman in September, Chung said that Hyundai is making plans to carry out a pilot test for the autonomous or self-driving taxis service on South Korea’s streets by early 2021. To meet the requirement in technology for the Group's strategy, it will be seeking a giant partner in this sector.

Furthermore, the Group also plans to become the leader in the industry of electric vehicle space. Its target is to make 44 different electric vehicle models by 2025, which is an ambitious objective considering that Hyundai now has a lot of models in its portfolio. However, when the electric vehicle technology of the Group has been established and is likely to be easily duplicated, it is possible to use it in various formats. Hyundai Group also intends to ship 1.67 mil electric vehicle units every year.

Hyundai Motor Group Hyundai Electric Vehicles Hyun
Hyundai's self-driving vehicle

However, the Group plans to not limit itself to electric cars as a substitution for IC engine vehicle. According to Chung, the Group is expected to work on hydrogen fuel cells that can be used to run cars like the CNG and just produce water in its production process which is more environmentally-friendly than Diesel or Petrol which releases harmful gases to the environment.


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