How Long Should A Washing Machine Last? Top Loader Vs Front Loader

Harin - Jul 08, 2020

How Long Should A Washing Machine Last? Top Loader Vs Front Loader

If you are wondering how long should a washing machine last, don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep on reading to find out.

There are two types of washing machines available on the market: the familiar top-loaders that have been here for more than 100 years and the more modern front-loaders. Although they have different mechanisms to wash your cloth, their lifespans are similar. If you are wondering how long should a washing machine last, don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep on reading to find out.

Top Load Washer

For a washing machine, each load is one cycle. A top-loading washing machine is said to have a lifespan of 14 years. So in order to last through 14 years, a washing machine must handle around 5,100 cycles. Of course, it also depends on the cost of your washing machine. Cheaper washing machines may only be able to handle 4,000 cycles while more expensive ones can do 8,000 cycles or more.

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How long should a washing machine last?

If you own a top load washer and it has been broken, it can be much more costly to fix. The reason is that a top-loading washer’s parts are more expensive. It is not unusual to learn that the repairing cost for top loading machines could be half of the price of a new washer.

Front Load Washer

The lifespan of front-load washers is similar to that of top load washers, 14 years. The biggest cause of a broken washer is stress. By overloading the washer, you are putting stress on all of the machine’s parts, like the drive belts, the motor, and the coupling. And it will shorten the lifespan of these parts.

Front Load Washer
How long should a washing machine last?

If constantly stressed way over its capacity, an 8,000-cycle washer can only handle 1,000-cycle. So in order to prevent this, wash smaller loads and bring larger objects such as sleeping bags, quilts, comforters to a commercial laundry. By doing this, you will reduce the stress put on the parts of the washing machine and expand its lifespan.

Top Load Vs Front Load

The traditional top loaders are still popular with homeowners. This is because top-loading washing machines offer benefits that front-loaders don’t have.

Top Load Vs Front Load
How long should a washing machine last?

First of all, top loaders usually come with a larger capacity, compared to similarly-sized front loading washing machines. The largest top loaders can handle up to 10kg.

Secondly, top loaders have a faster cycle time. A run cycle of a top loader is typically around 15 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, front loaders may need up to an hour. This is because, clothes washed in a top loader are always soaked in water, unlike with front loaders.

Some people think that front-loaders are less convenient than top loaders. With a top loader, there is no need to bend over whenever you have to load or unload your clothes. And this can be a big plus for elderly people or people with back problems.

Top Loader 2
How long should a washing machine last?

You can also add clothes to a top loader even during the washing cycle, which is impossible with most front loaders. Fabric softeners work better with top loaders as well.

Top loaders do have many benefits but they also have some drawbacks. Top loaders are less efficient than front loaders. Compared to a front loader, a top loader require significantly more water as well as energy to wash the same load as a front loader.

During a wash cycle, many top loader machines produce more noise. This is because there is a lot of friction created due to twisting and turning.

On the other hand, front loaders are way more water and energy-efficient. This is because of a front’s loader horizontal drum which takes advantage of gravity to tumble clothes.

Top Loader
How long should a washing machine last?

Compared to top-loading washing machines, front loaders need up to 50% less water and less detergent. Moreover, front loaders usually offer more cycle options as well as built-in features. A front loader will typically have higher spin cycles than that of a top loader with the same capacity.

Front-loaders can clean hard-to-remove stains better. They also don’t deposit any lint.

However, front loaders also have some drawbacks. It usually takes a front loader more time to wash a load of clothes. Front-loaders don’t come in very large capacity. They also cost more than top loaders.

One more thing is that you can’t overload front loaders. The drum will be pressured and a front loader will be worn out if you overload.

How many clothes should you put in your washing machine?

You should never fill a top-loader to the top. The rule here is to add clothes until it is around two-thirds full but with loosely packed clothes.

Fill Washing Machine
How long should a washing machine last?

For front loaders, they can handle more clothes while using less water. You should only put clothes in around 80% of the capacity of the washing machine.

To know more about how many clothes you should put in your washing, machine, check out our article.

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All that is to answer your question How long should a washing machine last. We hope you find this article helpful in extending your washing machine's lifespan.

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