Here Are The Top Free Video Conferencing Alternatives For Skype

Saanvi Araav - Apr 25, 2019

Here Are The Top Free Video Conferencing Alternatives For Skype

You can choose these alternatives for Skype which are also free to use.

These days, every time we look for a video calling app, the first thing we usually think about is Skype. However, in recent years, Skype has been facing stiff competition from Google Duo, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Despite that, they kept on holding the edge over all those competitors thanks to the business solutions. This business factor of Skype has not been met with the challenge of WhatsApp and Facebook. Still, there are some competitors that offer seamless video conferencing for business. Let's take a look at these alternatives:

Google Hangouts

They first launched it back in May of 2013. Google has developed this communication platform which includes features like group chats,  instant messaging and high definition video call. If you are a Gmail user or an enterprise that integrated with G Suite, then it will be an amazing choice for video calling thanks to that amazing inter-app interaction.

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Google Hangouts is free, good call quality. It is also very easy to use. User can use the screen sharing option with ease which makes it becomes a useful product for presentation and collaboration. Depending on the limit of the G Suite, you could add into the Hangout Meet of up to to 100 people.


They launched this service back in 2011. It is a free tool used for video conferencing. It allows users to host and record any virtual conferences, meetings and much more. Just like all the other video conference app, Zoom also offers a paid version that has more features. In fact, the company behind Zoom has just got listed on the stock exchange in the US.


On the other hand, Zoom gives the users the ability to add to a maximum of 100 participants in a session. And you can record all the sessions.

WebEx of Cisco

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This service is among the best out there for business video calling and a good alternative for Skype. WebEx provides a big number of features and add-ons for video conferencing. It allows employees and team members across the globe to work and collaborate together on a project. You can use it for supporting, training, and much more. If you pay an extra fee, you can also get international voice calls. WebEx is quite versatile as you could integrate it with business calendar, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live, and Slack.


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LogMeIn is the one behind the creating and marketing of GoToMeeting. This app has everything - desktop sharing, online meeting, video conferencing which allow users to meet with customers, clients, via the internet instantly.


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It is a cloud-based collection of team collaboration services and tools. Slack also offers a feature for a video conference that allows up to fifteen people in the same meeting. Still, the video conferencing feature is only open for the paid version. The free version will allow the user to do one-on-one video conferencing.


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