Google Fit Is A Standalone iOS App And Comes Along With Apple Watch

Indira Datta - May 03, 2019

Google Fit Is A Standalone iOS App And Comes Along With Apple Watch

iPhone users have more reasons to consider buying Wear OS instead of Apple Watch

Last August, Google launched the revamp Google Fit app to help Android and Wear OS users keep track of their activities during exercise. Now, Google brings their experiences to iOS users through the release of a standalone app.

Now iOS users can use the Google Fit application to synchronize all data on various devices.

The app will provide "Move Minutes" and "Heart Points" for Apple users. Besides, it can also help users monitor their health and training process via Apple Watch. What makes it different from Apple Health is that it not only collects health data around the Apple ecosystem, but it collects and aggregates user data from all other health support applications or devices.

Previously, iOS users could also access some of Google Fit's functions through a low-ranked app called Google Wear OS. However, this new Google application has been improved to become much more powerful and do many other things. Google Fit can collect data from Wear OS smartwatch, Apple Watch and other third-party applications that can sync with Apple Health.

The previous Wear OS application focused primarily on Google's smartwatches, except syncing and collecting user data or heart rate on those devices, it can't do anything else. This Google Fit app will include user activity logs; health information will be synchronized and aggregated from many different methods to provide users with the most appropriate recommendations and actions.

Google Fit is now available on iOS App Store today, and it is free as on Google Play of the Android platform. It can be said that this is a wise move by Google, helping it expand the scope of Google Fit and give iPhone users the reason to choose smartwatch Wear OS. Google Fit users are collected and provided data in both their pockets and wrists. If Apple's Activity app doesn't bring a lot of appeal to users, this is a remarkable alternative.


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