Franklin and Lamar return to help Dr. Dre in Grand Theft Auto Online's newest event

HuongDTM - Dec 17, 2021

Franklin and Lamar return to help Dr. Dre in Grand Theft Auto Online's newest event

The new update, known as “The Contract” will be unveiled on all platforms on 15th December, adding a series of fresh missions centered on Lamar and Franklin’s new business located in Los Santos. The new business will involve fixing issues that famous and rich people struggle with while returning fan-favorite characters to the online world.

Besides the return of fan-favorite characters (Franklin & Lamar), West Coast rap star Dr. Dre will be making his debut in GTA. One of the clients for the two characters will be hip-hop icon DJ Pooh, who gives Franklins Company the task to track down Dr. Dre’s missing phone that is packed with his private information and a set of unreleased tracks.

When looking for digital entertainment, playing online casino games India is an excellent pastime and entertainment opportunity. Thankfully, GTA V is also preparing the most intriguing, off-the-wall update for online players. This online mode sees the return of Lamar and Franklin (introduced in GTA V) in a new set of adventures based in Los Santos.

Grand theft auto
Grand theft auto

The new update will be the first time that Franklin and Lamar appear in the GTA series since 2013, with actors Gerald “Slink” Johnson and Shawn Fonteno returning to take on their roles. In this online version, we see Lamar and Franklin after eight years, both having moved to a more legitimate business.

“The Contract” reveals what the two characters have been up to in the last eight years, while showcasing the West Coast hip-hop history and culture, with Dj Pooh and Dr. Dre taking a significant role.

When you start playing the online game, your custom character will meet with the returning duo to start missions that will show off the sordid underworld of Los Santos’ high society. GTA online also comes with a set of new soundtracks and radio stations, including Dr. Dre’s new tracks.

As you complete missions, you’ll acquire new vehicles and a set of other perks for your custom character. That includes the Enus Jubilee car, a portable EMP launcher, and a base of operations.

Since GTA V was released, rumors of an expansion story have been going around, which will see original protagonists Trevor, Franklin, and Michael taking on new missions. However, that hasn’t become a reality, with GTA online becoming the main vehicle for the game’s post-launch life. As such, “The Contract” seems to be the closest thing that players will get to see the original set of characters in the game.

GTA V and its online version have been a huge hit since its release, with Lamar and Franklin quickly becoming fan favorites. The two characters became an internet sensation with parodies and memes in recent years, which the characters were proud of and making videos recreating scenes in the games.

GTA V is among the most successful games on the market, selling over 150 million copies across various gaming platforms, with Xbox Series X and PS5 versions coming next year. Most of this success is attributable to GTA Online, which has consistently made it on the list of most popular titles on Twitch. As such, the game’s popularity doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time.

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