Facial Recognition Used At Casinos To Keep Problem Gamblers Away

Harin - Apr 30, 2019

Facial Recognition Used At Casinos To Keep Problem Gamblers Away

In many locations, casinos have turned to facial recognition systems to help them keep problem gamblers away and maintain the overall security.

It is inspiring yet terrifying to see how technology is evolving at a fast pace. At a music concert in China, Jacky Cheung was surprised to get caught by the police since he was hiding in a crowd of more than 60,000 people. Turns out, the police had deployed facial recognition to track the man.

This is proof demonstrating that AI-powered tech can be used to help to deal with various problems, as long as it is used correctly.

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Another use of facial recognition can be found at casinos in Macau. The gambling industry is booming in Macau, which is probably why this place has stricter regulations for gamblers.

As of December 2018, authorities implemented a new measure to bar casino employees from going to casinos when they have finished their shifts. To do this, officials use AI algorithms to look through cameras footage.

The technology will also be used for identifying individuals who are not allowed to take part in gambling activities, like underage citizens or problem gamblers.

Some people who cannot resist gambling fill out a form to be identified as problem gamblers and submit it the casino to have their photo taken. These photos will be kept in a database for the staff and security team to keep an eye on.

Not just Macau, but casinos around the world, from Japan to New Zealand, are starting to deploy facial recognition systems to keep barred gamblers aways.

A system in an Australian casino succeeded in catching a problem gambler who was trying to enter the place wearing a disguise twice.

Besides looking for problem gamblers, video surveillance technologies are also used to make sure that players are not cheating. Moreover, they can maintain the overall security of the casinos, including the entrance points, the gaming rooms, and the lodgings of guests.


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