This New System Can Save Your Life In A Car Crash With Your Electric Vehicle

Har Devarukhkar - Oct 07, 2019

This New System Can Save Your Life In A Car Crash With Your Electric Vehicle

Driving an electric car packed with explosives definitely scare you. Stay calm, because these are good explosions and ready to save you from a crash.

In the future, electric cars are inevitable. These cars don’t emit into the atmosphere. They also don’t have as many moving parts as vehicles that are powered by internal combustion, which makes them more reliable as well as simpler to repair. Besides, it provides a more satisfying experience in driving by delivering instant torque.

Although the current battery technology hasn't met the requirements for several motorists, EVs are becoming more and more popular. And once the number of EVs appeared on roadways increase all over the world, the collision risks will also grow.

The electric car is the future of transport thanks to its advantages

However, it is dangerous when an electric vehicle is crashed. The battery packs, which are high voltage as well as colossal, may catch on fire, or even electrocute occupants and first responders as the metallic portions contained in structures of the vehicles can interact with severed cables.

Just last week, Bosch, a German supply company, announced that it has found a solution in order to minimize these risks. It is supplying a system controlled by a computer that deactivates the power circuits of a vehicle in a blink of an eye after a crash. Therefore, the system could protect either passengers or rescue workers. The company didn’t reveal which companies currently use the systems.

This is how it works: tiny pyrotechnic charges are ignited by special fuses, then they drive wedges via electrical cables to kill the power flow through the vehicle.

How the system works

CG912 is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). It helps with deploying airbags in collisions, and, according to the company, has saved lives in numerous situations. It is utilized to operate the pyro-fuses. The ASIC units are 10 mm2 with a weight of a few grams.

Even when these safety systems are functioning properly, there is still a possibility that the passengers will get shocked or their electric cars will catch on fire. However, they will surely reduce these risks to the minimum level.


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