Making Eco-Friendly Water Bottles From Bamboo, Why Not?

Kumari Shrivastav - Oct 03, 2019

Making Eco-Friendly Water Bottles From Bamboo, Why Not?

It’s time for you to stop using plastic water bottles. Instead, you can use the leak-proof and eco-friendly water bottles made from bamboo by this Assam man.

We all feel horrified when witnessing climate change and its consequences on our life. We are all be announced that we’ll be the next generation influenced severely by alarming climate change. However, bad human beings have destroyed the environment so quickly that our generation is seeing the nightmare unfold.

Climate change becomes a serious problem that can’t be ignored any longer, the heatwave striking Europe entirely or the water crisis happening in Chennai, for example.

Early August to bring dangerous heatwave to western Europe

However, there are a lot of people endeavoring out there to make a change even when it’s in their immediate environment. It was told some time ago that the Andaman IFS changed from plastic to bamboo pots for saplings because bamboo is natural, reusable and disposable, unlike plastic.

Plastic is completely replaced by bamboo when it comes to the material for products in many places all over the world. Moreover, it is a fact that bamboo has far more benefits than plastic, Dhritiman Bora – Assam’s former IITian has developed an environment-friendly bottle with bamboo material.

Bamboo water bottles made by an Assam man

These bamboo bottles are available in different sizes. Their cost varies from Rs 400 to Rs 600. They are made of 100% natural products and sealed with a cork that makes it become leak-proof, therefore, there isn’t any tension here.

Assam made Bamboo Bottle storms internet

Dhritiman’s co-worker is Mousom Bora who helped him. They are currently working together in order to make the bamboo water bottles become more accessible to everybody through an e-commerce platform. Because local people still don’t know about the day-to-day alternatives for plastic, spreading awareness among people is the biggest obstacle that Dhritiman and Mousom Bora are facing.

While plastic water bottles are overused and many people have already taken action to prevent that, you can simply pay a visit to the website then get some of those cool bottles.


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