Donald Trump's Ads Set To Invade YouTube Homepage In November

Anil - Feb 24, 2020

Donald Trump's Ads Set To Invade YouTube Homepage In November

These ads look like "political manipulation", but they're not illegal.

As reported by Bloomberg, YouTube will soon be “floated” with ads supporting the re-election campaign of the incumbent President Donald Trump ahead of Election Day 2020 in America.

YouTube 1
YouTube's masthead ad space.

In detail, Trump’s campaign has bought out YouTube’s homepage and its masthead ad space for the “early November” period, including November 3rd that is also known as “Election Day”. The masthead ad space has undoubtedly considered as a good way to generate high traffic, and Trump’s re-election campaign seems to expect that the scope and efficiency of such visibility could better his candidacy in these important days during the election.

YouTube 2
Trump's re-election campaign ads usually take over YouTube during political events.

Note that this isn’t the first time Trump’s campaign decided to level up its plans by purchasing the coveted masthead ads. Last year, the organization scooped up an estimated amount of nearly $1 million to buy ads before the first Democratic presidential debate took place in June. While potential future Democratic voters were eyeing on the debate live-streamed on YouTube, both Trump’s face and his message popped up via ads. This resulted in an unusually high number of qualified candidates in that debate.

YouTube 3
These ads appear to be "political manipulation".

It remains unclear about how much the total ad budget costs, but Trump’s re-election campaign is likely to spend over $1 million per day.

As for YouTube, the video-sharing platform first introduced a tool named Instant Reserve to help campaigns reserve ad space for specific dates and regions in late 2019. Last November, it began rolling out a bunch of options for customers, especially political candidates.


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