Death By Selfie: 3 Indian Guys Got In A Train Accident While Taking Selfie

Harin - May 06, 2019

Death By Selfie: 3 Indian Guys Got In A Train Accident While Taking Selfie

A police officer reported that 3 Indian teens were flattened by a train while taking selfies at a railway track at Panipat city.

India has been known for its selfie-related death records. On May 1, Sputnik News reported that a group of Indian friends got into a train accident when being invited to attend a wedding at the Panipat city.

According to police, the group went to a close by railway track to take selfies. When they saw that a train was coming, they jumped to a nearby track without realizing there was another train.

Indians love taking selfies at railway tracks.

The crash caused three out four people died, 2 of them were 19 years old while 1 was 18.

Researchers working at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences say that from 2011 to 2017, there had been 259 from different places around the world died while trying to take selfies. India was the country with the highest number of accidents and deaths. Male victims who were under 30 years old accounted for 72%.

Researchers believe this was because of India’s enormous population of under-30-people.

Although research has pointed out that men take fewer selfies than women, they are more likely to take risks by taking selfies on railway tracks or at the edge of a cliff. But that doesn’t mean women are not involved in the selfie-related deaths.

Last year, we reported that a 20-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh fell to her death from a Ferris wheel while also trying to take a picture of herself. She was taken to the hospital right after the fall but due to serious injuries, she passed away while receiving treatment.

Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine advise that authorities should introduce a “no selfie area” with a warning sign in multiple languages to limit to prevent unfortunate events from happening.


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