20-Year-Old Woman Fell Off Ferris Wheel And Die When Taking Selfies

Karamchand Rameshwar - Dec 12, 2018

20-Year-Old Woman Fell Off Ferris Wheel And Die When Taking Selfies

A 20-year-old Indian woman from Uttar Pradesh fell off a Ferris wheel and died while she was attempting to take a selfie.

Selfie is becoming a huge trend these days, as more phone producers are trying to shift their focus on those users. Many people love taking photos of themselves and their families, friends and they will even go a bit far to take perfect pictures and share them on the social media sites. However, going too far to take photos may sometimes lead to severe consequences, or even worse, it can get them killed. Recently, there was a woman at 20 years of age from Uttar Pradesh, involved in a selfie-related incident which got the woman died.

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The woman fell while trying to take a selfie

The 20-year-old woman was on a fair in Ballie, Uttar Pradesh, where she participated in a Ferris wheel. According to PTI’s report, while trying to take selfies while riding the wheel, she reportedly lost balance then fell off the wheel. She was quickly sent to a hospital where she died during treatment. This is just one among a lot of accidents relating to selfies as people seem to take a lot of risks just to take perfect selfies.

Recently, a Portuguese woman at 27 years of age in Panama also died from falling from the 27th floor’s balcony of building while she was trying to take selfies. The strong wind was identified as the primary cause for her incident, but it obviously would not have happened if she had taken care of herself when taking selfies.

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According to a report in 2016, India had the highest number of selfie-related deaths around the globe, which of course has to do with the vast population and a high number of phone users in India and the growth rate of that segment. Anyway, we would recommend taking care of yourself while taking photos, and especially, don’t take any risks for just trying to capture the best pictures.


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