China Builds Simulated Mars Colony In Desert For Teens

Anita - Apr 20, 2019

China Builds Simulated Mars Colony In Desert For Teens

In a strange project, the Chinese government plans to send its kids to a special facility to train them for life on Mars called C-Space base.

A government sends children to a special facility to train them on how to adapt to life on the Red Planet - Mars. Although this sounds like something from a young adult novel, this unusual project is actually real. The project is China's C-Space Base.

Teens in C-Space base

Bai Fan, C-Space’s founder to AFP about the project, said:


The base is in an identical Mars “village” in the Qaidam Basin of Qinghai, a brutally dry and hot area, which is considered the best duplicate of the surface conditions of Mars.

AFP reported that at this high-technology space camp, the kids will put on simulated space suits when they explore the Mars-like Qaidam Basin’s landscape.

However, since China is preparing for a rover mission to Mars which is set to launch in early 2020, at least an academic says that Mars-simulated C-Space base is stupid and has little to no  resemblance to how a real Mars base is designed, especially if as planned, it is publicly offered as a place for tourists with a themed restaurant.

China Space Mars201704 1555492155
The white-colored base has nine modules and a silver dome.

The project has received many criticisms from some the scientific community. Jiao Weixin, Peking University’s School of Earth and Space Sciences’ professor said the surrounding desert and the main building hardly simulated the real conditions of the Red Planet. He also said that to actually replicate the toxic and harsh conditions of this planet would be to create a really hostile environment, which is quite expensive and entirely unnecessary.

Weixin exclaimed.



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