Do You Dare To Accept The #BrightEye Challenge On TikTok That Can Make You Blind?

Jyotis - Apr 23, 2019, 10:01 am IST

Now, a new “challenge” has just introduced in the app and raised a lot of concerns on its apparent harm.

In recent days, the Chinese app TikTok has come under fire due to the spread of pornographic videos and photos on its platform. Even the Madras High Court asked both Apple and Google to remove the app out of their app stores.

Tiktok Brighteye Challenge

However, in spite of the authorities’ efforts, TikTok users have still found out many ways to download the short video sharing app to their smartphones. Among those, the most popular solution is to download it via websites from third parties. Now, a new “challenge” has just introduced in the app and raised a lot of concerns on its apparent harm.

The challenge is called the #BrightEye Challenge that helps players to get brighter colored eyes. According to the instruction, you will have to put "jelly, hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream" into a Ziploc bag, and then, apply it onto your eyes within one minute. Finally, you will get brighter colored eyes.

Bright Eye Challenge1

How crazy it is! You should know that your eyes’ pigmentation is one of the genetic characteristics. Of course, you can’t change it, especially according to the stupid instruction in the challenge. You must get a bit of bad luck if following it.

The source of the #BrightEye challenge hasn’t been detected yet. However, every proof seems to lead to the TikTok account Greg Lammers. Although he didn’t say the challenge is real, Lammers admitted he applied some tricks to turn his actual eye color into a lighter one.

Bright Eye Challenge3

Some children are doing the same things as Greg Lammers has done. Another interesting theory is that they are just using contact lenses. However, holding bleach close to your eyes is, of course, never a smart idea.

Bleach can cause chemical burns on your skin as well as permanent damage for your eyes. That’s why you should take caution when contacting it. If you don’t want to harm your eyes or worse, you should never try stupid challenges like #Brighteye challenge on any social platform, including TikTok.