Bengali Cuisine Served On A Moving Tramcar Restaurant In Kolkata

Ayaan Bhardvaj - Nov 01, 2018

Bengali Cuisine Served On A Moving Tramcar Restaurant In Kolkata

Tramcar restaurant is really a gift to the people in Kolkata and it also has Bengali cuisine served during the trip.

Tramcars have known to be the most distinctive feature of Kolkata. Tramcar was first introduced in 1985 in Chennai. Then, tramcar was spreaded to other cities like  Mumbai, Nashik, Kanpur. However, the oldest and only operating electric tram is in Kolkata with 257 trams which run around the city everyday for many decades.  If having a chance to Kolkata once, you will see the mini yellow blocks running through crowded markets.

Therefore, the city now has come up with an idea to set up a restaurant on a tramcar. This special restaurant was opened on 14th October and named  Victoria.

According to the Hindu report, Victoria tram will move from Shahid Minar to Kidderpore and come across the verdurous Maidan. There are 4 trips per day during lunch and dinner.

Kolkata Tramcar Restaurant Bengali Cuisine Durga P

Bengali cuisine is a specialty of Kolkata, West Bengal. The dish is a mixture of five main spices: nigella, mustard, saffron, cumin, and curry. This traditional dish is also severed on the tramcar. It would be perfect if you can see the view of the city’s suburbs while having appetizing Bengali dishes on a tramcar. There are only 27 guests served at once

Suvendu Adhikari, Minister of Transportation, who launched this service, said that this is really a gift to Kolkata people before Durga Puja.

Kolkata Tramcar Restaurant Bengali Cuisine Durga P

Similar to the Delhi DTC buses, trams were very common with people and has become a major mean of transportation. However, nowadays, many new public means of transports are created to improve the speed. People are no longer want to use tram despite the price is still low (about 6 or 7 Rupees). This makes tramcars face the risk of being replaced.

The service manager noticed the threat and they have to change to survive. They have provided their partner a modernized version of tramcars with more functions, like a moving restaurant for example.


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