Battery Bike: How Much Does The Battery Cost? What Type Is The Best?

Dhir Acharya - Mar 11, 2021

Battery Bike: How Much Does The Battery Cost? What Type Is The Best?

Battery bike: this post helps you understand several aspects of the electric bike, including the definition, battery pricing, and the best models available.

Electric vehicles are becoming a more and more popular option for commuting in the city or even farther. For high-density traffic like in India, electric bikes that run on batteries are a great solution to help you travel fast between places. In this post, we will discuss several aspects of the battery bike.

Battery Bike
Battery Bike: A popular choice of transport these days

What is battery bike?

A battery bike normally called an electric bike, which is also known as an e-bike. Basically, it’s a bicycle that’s integrated with an electric motor used for assisting propulsion.

There are many types of electric bikes available on the market right now, including models with a small motor to assist the pedaling power to more powerful models that are closer to moped-style functionality. And there is another type called electric scooter that doesn’t look like a bike but is a popular choice as well.

Electric bikes run on rechargeable batteries and can reach a speed of 25-32 kilometers per hour.

Battery Bike
Battery Bike: what type is the best?

How to charge bike battery at home?

There are three ways regarding how to charge bike battery.

Use a battery charger

  1. Figure out the type of battery you’re using, which is shown in the manual of the bike or printed on the battery.
  2. Use a smart, float, or trickle charger that’s compatible with most types of batteries. These chargers are the best fro gel, lead, and absorbed glass mat batteries. But cannot be used for lithium batteries, you need a specialized charger for this type.
  3. Remove the battery from the e-bike and connect it to the battery charger.
  4. Check if the battery is being charged.
  5. Once the charging is finished, install the battery.
Battery Bike
Battery Bike: Charging at home

Jump-start your e-motorcycle battery

  1. Prepare jumper cables, this method is applicable when there’s a car or another motorcycle nearby.
  2. To jump-start using a car, leave it off because a car battery has a larger capacity than a motorcycle battery.
  3. To jump-start using another motorcycle, you do the same as starting with a car, but this time, you leave the other bike on.
  4. Connect the positive terminal of the battery with the red clamp. The frame of your motorcycle must be connected to the black clamp.
  5. The other red clamp must be connected to the working battery’s positive terminal. The black clamp must be connected to the working battery’s negative terminal.
  6. Start your vehicle, then disconnect the cables.
Battery Bike
Battery Bike: Jump-start the bike

Push-start your motorcycle

  1. Make sure the battery is the reason why your motorcycle doesn’t start.
  2. Choose a way to push-start the vehicle.
  3. Put the motorcycle in the second or third gear.
  4. Press the clutch, roll the bike. As soon as the motorcycle reaches the jogging speed, release the clutch.
  5. Change the gear of the bike back to neutral.
Battery Bike
Battery Bike: Push-start it

Which battery is best for bike?

When it comes to bike battery, you will mostly choose between the dry cell and wet cell battery. To compare, the dry cell type is more durable but more expensive than the wet cell type. Lithium-ion batteries represent the quality trademark for the dry cell. If you want the best performance for your e bike battery, you should go with a dry cell battery, which also keeps you free from leakage.

In terms of bike battery price, this varies between different types of batteries. The price of an acid lead battery ranges from Rs 185 to Rs 2,000. The price of a dry battery ranges from Rs 340 to Rs 1,400.

Best electric bikes for Indian users


Battery Bike
Battery Bike: ATHER 450

This is an AI-enabled electric scooter coming with a lot of features for Indian users. It has a modern, sleek design, as well as an aerodynamic profile. Users will benefit a lot from this electric bike, including smartphone pairing, internet connectivity, touchscreen, navigation, reverse assist, fast software updates, geo-fencing, and more.

The bike runs on a 2.4kWh battery with an iP67 rating for waterproof and dustproof. There’s also a BLDC motor that generates 5.4kW power at the peak. The vehicle can ride up to 75 kilometers on one charge and takes 2 hours to refill 80% of its battery. On the other hand, a fast charge can help you get a 1km range per minute.


Battery bike
Battery bike: REVOLT RV 400

This is the first electric motorcycle to be AI-enabled in India. It comes in two variants, including the premium and standard versions with a maximum range of 150 kilometers on one charge. Both variants have many features along with AI technology.


Battery bike
Battery bike: REVOLT RV 300

This electric bike is an entry-level model that offers almost the same features as its higher-end siblings. But its motor is smaller, making it suitable for the commuter segment. It offers a maximum range of 180 kilometers on one charge with 3 riding modes.


Battery bike: ULTRAVIOLETTE F77

This electric motorcycle was designed with the aviation space in mind. It carries a modern look that will surely draw attention on the street. It also offers other features like a smartphone app, internet connectivity, ABS, digital instrument cluster, and regenerative.

It comes with three 4.2kWh batteries, each of which is paired with a motor offering 33.5bhp and 90Mm torque. The chain drive setup sends the power to the rear wheels. The vehicle is claimed to reach 100kmph within 2.9 seconds and offer a peak speed of 147 km/h. The maximum riding range is 150 kilometers and a fast charger will refill 80% of the battery in 50 minutes.

Overall, in this post, we discussed the definition of battery bike, battery pricing, as well as the best bikes for Indian users. We hope that this post has helped you get an idea of electric bikes if you are considering getting one.

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