Baaghi 2 Movie Download Filmyhit: Free Download Link For Indians

Dhir Acharya - Apr 18, 2020

Baaghi 2 Movie Download Filmyhit: Free Download Link For Indians

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit: This is one of the highest-grossing movies of Bollywood. Here are free download links for the film and soundtracks.

Baaghi 3 is one of the most popular movies released earlier this year, praised for great action scenes. No matter if you have or haven’t watched Baaghi 3, we recommend that you should check out its previous part, Baaghi 2. Now, here Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit: Introduction

Baaghi 2, or Rebel 2 in English, is an action thriller movie in the Hindi language and the second installment of the Baaghi movie trilogy.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

The movie was filmed in several locations including Pune, Mumbai, Thailand, Manali, China, Goa, and Shanghai. The total cost to make Baaghi 2 was Rs 590 million, promotion and print cost included.

The movie came out through 3500 screens domestically, in addition to overseas. It earned Rs 2.53 billion gross worldwide, making Baaghi 2 the seventh-highest grossing Bollywood movie in 2018.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit: Plot

The movie opens with Neha Rawat, a woman who’s suddenly attacked. When she comes around, Neha looks for Rhea Salgaonkar, her daughter who’s now missing. Helpless, she calls her college ex-boyfriend Ronnie Pratap Singh, who’s also a Para SF soldier in the Indian Army. The movie then switches to the time when the pair met.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

Neha met Ronnie four years ago when they were in college. Initially, she doesn’t like Ronnie, but they become friends and Ronnie falls for Neha. He proposes to Neha and promises to always help and stay by her side no matter what. On the day of their wedding, Neha’s father has a heart attack, she goes to the hospital to see him. But he doesn’t like Ronnie and asks her not to get married to Ronnie. At the same time, he already arranges a marriage between Neha and Shekhar Salgaonkar, the son of his friend. Neha leaves Ronnie to fulfill her father’s last wish.

The movie returns to the present day, at the hotel where Ronnie meets Neha to find her frightened, lost and broken. When he asks about her family, Neha says she as a 3-year-old daughter named Rhea. Neha also tells that Rhea has been missing and the last time she saw Rhea is when dropping her off at school, where the little girl was attacked and kidnapped. Meanwhile, Shekhar, her husband, is depressed about the kidnap. Upon Neha’s request, Ronnie accepts to help her find her daughter.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

When Ronnie goes to rent a car, he becomes friends with Usman Langda, a lump man. Then, Neha and Ronnie go to the police station where Inspector Sharad Kutey, the FIR writer, has inappropriate behaviors towards Neha. Ronnies beats him up and gets arrested, but is then released thanks to a request from DIG Ajay Shergill.

After that, when Ronnies is questioning Neha in her apartment, Sunny, her alcoholic, drug-abusing brother-in-law arrives. Neha tells him to leave, Sunny goes out, then Ronnie asks for his address. When Ronnie starts looking for clues, everybody he questions claims Neha and Shekhar didn’t have a daughter.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

Ronnie cannot find the little through CCTV footage, so he goes to meet a police inspector to confirm the existence of Rhea. Fortunately, the inspector has photos and certificates proving Neha doesn’t make up the story. Then Ronnie meets her husband Shekhar, but he says Neha had a miscarriage, diagnosed with PTSD. He says that Neha thinks they have a daughter that doesn’t exist.

After meeting with Shekhar, Ronnie asks Neha about that story but she insists that everyone is lying. Upon Ronnie claiming Neha not having a real daughter, she asks Ronnie to leave. At that point, he spots the marks of the little girl’s height on the wall. He starts to doubt the whole thing while Neha commits suicide as she’s lost with no one believing her.

The police rush to the place, along with ACP Loha Singh Dhull, who suspects Shekhar. Usman confesses he sees Rhea with Sunny, then Ronnies goes to find Sunny, but he’s already in custody. During the interrogation, Sunny attacks Ajay, then is shot and dies.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

Ronnie then goes to see Usman in his office, where Ronnie finds him attacked, assaulted by the thugs. Ronnie takes a thug’s phone and sees texts about their targets along with a photo showing himself at Ajay’s home. At this point, Ronnie figures that Ajay is behind everything.

To confront Ajay, Ronnie has to go against an army of goons all by himself, in the forest. Ajay reveals that Shekhar pays him to plan and kidnap Rhea because he hates the girl. Shekhar also bribes or kills other family members so that they lie and make Neha look like a crazy person.

After hearing the truth, Ronnie fights with Ajay then Loha comes and shoots Ajay to death while Ronnie faints. When Ronnie comes around, Loha says that Rhea is his daughter. Shekhar then confesses everything and says that he wants to have Rhea kidnapped after knowing that she isn’t her real daughter. Ronnie starts to live with Rhea, ending the movie.

Baaghi 2 movie songs download

This movie has six songs in total, which you can easily find and download from YouTube. There are other websites to download these songs that you can easily find through Google Search.

  1. Mundiyan by Navraj Hans and Palak Muchhal
  2. Ek Do Teen by Shreya Ghoshal and Parry G
  3. O Saathi by Atif Aslam
  4. Lo Safar by Jubin Nautiyal
  5. Soniye Dil Nayi by Ankit Tiwari and Shruti Pathak
  6. Get Ready To Fight Again by Pranaay, Big Dhillon, Anand Bhaskar, Siddharth Basrur, and Jatinder Singh.

Baaghi 2 movie download

There are a few websites available for Indian users to search for films, so we will take a look and see which of them provide a free HD file of Baaghi 2 that can be downloaded.

Firstly, with Baaghi 2 full movie download filmyhit, like with Total Dhamaal, there are no usable links, so we cannot provide a link for Baaghi 2 full movie download filmyhit. It appears that when you search for the keyword on Google, the search engine doesn’t return any related results. If you search for the site filmyhit, you won’t see any result for the website either. That means you cannot get Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit or Baaghi 2 full movie HD download filmyhit.

Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit
Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit

Meanwhile, if you search Baaghi 2 full movie download HD vidmate, you will be disappointed too. Because Vimate turns out to be a Chinese app that lets you save video from social platforms. So if you want to download the movie through this app, trying looking for the movie on YouTube and use it to save the film.

Now, if you look for Baaghi 2 movie download on the internet, you will find that this is a website for downloading free songs in India. So you won’t likely find the movie here.

The good news is that we found a website where you can download Baaghi 2 movie download Hindi for free. I guess Baaghi 2 movie download in Jio phone is impossible because you need not only the internet but also storage and a screen big enough to view a film, and software powerful enough to play the film. So, you should do this on a smartphone or a computer, and here is Baaghi 2 movie download 3gp. You can choose between a 700MB and 1.4GB versions.

So, you have got here a link for Baaghi 2 movie download filmyhit We hope you have fun and enjoy the film.

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