Pewdiepie's Fan Hacked Printers Around The World, Telling People To Unsubscribe T-Series

Dhir Acharya - Dec 01, 2018

Pewdiepie's Fan Hacked Printers Around The World, Telling People To Unsubscribe T-Series

People reported that their printers spit out mysterious sheets of paper with Pewdipie ad on them.

Despite a bunch of inappropriate jokes, mistakes and the ever-changing landscape of Youtube, Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, remains standing on the top of Youtube mountain.

However, T-Series, an Indian music production firm, has quickly caught up with Pewdiepie and can take over his position any time now.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho pewdiepie

At present, the figure displayed on Youtube suggests that T-Series and Pewdiepie have the same subscriber number, 72 million. But in fact, Pewdiepie has about 100,000 more subscribers than it’s the other channel.

But recently, T-Series has been telling its fans to begin advertising on Pewdiepie’s part. Some people play “Bitch Lasagna”, a Pewdiepie’s song, at a club. Others who have much money decided to buy billboards in their cities.

While T-Series’ fans are busy laughing, a big fan of Pewdiepie has his own way to protect his favorite Youtuber.

Canadian and UK people lately reported that there are mysterious paper sheets spit out of their printers, with Pewdipie ad on them.


The ad reads:


At the end of the ad, the “advertiser” wrote “brofist” in capitals with the brofist picture underneath. Many share the photo of this ad on Twitter.

A Twitter user, TheHackerGiraffe, warned people, telling them to share this printer incident with friends since it’s, in fact, a scary security matter.

TheHackerGiraffe said that browsing a repository filled with devices which are connected to the Internet and hacking 50,000 of them is actually a piece of cake.

Yet, he stated, it’s horrifying that no one has ever thought of hacking printers before. In reality, it takes as few as 30 minutes for the whole process of learning, downloading, and scripting.

So while fans are worrying about their favorite people, maybe we should start worrying about our printers getting hacked.


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