AI Toilets Will Be Able To Scan Your Urines And Poop To Diagnose Diseases

Author - Nov 14, 2018

AI Toilets Will Be Able To Scan Your Urines And Poop To Diagnose Diseases

According to Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of Micron Technology, there will be smart toilets with AI that can detect ailments from your own urines and poops.

Using AI to scan faces or detect spams is so 2017. You are about to have smart toilets that can scan your own poop using AI (artificial intelligence). This can be a real help as the toilet is kind of a big issue in India at the moment, causing many diseases.

Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of Micron Technology, says that AI will be able to analyse human poop in the future.

20181112 Micron Technology Ceo Sanjay Mehrotra 01

Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of Micron Technology, speaks at Techonomy 2018.

He also added that this can help people save a lot of time going to a doctor and detect illnesses quicker than human do.

AI can also be incorporated in the toilets to scan urine and also feces of people to analyse and detect any possible health problems or diseases earlier than people can notice and go to a doctor to get their health check.

And what he is claiming is not something that is so far off as AI can already detect Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes just from scans.

A tech company in Japan even made a litter box that can analyse cats’ urine.

Image L 1

A toilet for cats developed by Sharp Corp. that can analyze urine of your cats to check their health data via smartphones

“Medicine is going toward precision medicine and precision health,” said Mehrotra at the Techonomy conference this week.

He added that if future toilets can analyze people’s waste every day then you wouldn’t have to go to the hospital and get your health check regularly. If you have signs of any diseases showing up, you can catch them faster due to the stool and urine analysis.

Sanjay also said that the future toilets can use AI to gather information relating to the users’ health. And it also eliminates the embarrassing and inconvenient of collecting the urine as well as stool samples for the tests.

According to CNET reports, toilets with AI can analyse feces and urines in it before people flushed, which means that they can track your health regularly and pick up the changes quickly.

And you can even use it to send your health reports to a doctor as well, saving the potential time wasted to conduct more tests.

In July, the scientists at the Cambridge University claimed that they have already found ways to make a toilet to conduct tests of urine for alcohol levels and also blood sugar.

It can even analyse to see whether a person is pregnant, depressed or they are using drugs by testing their urines.

Even though this is still not available yet. But with the rapid development of technology and AI, this smart toilet idea can be just a few years away from being in our homes.


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