9 Uses Of Google Street View You May Not Know

Dhir Acharya - Sep 20, 2019

9 Uses Of Google Street View You May Not Know

Google Street View came out in 2007, which lets us see our neighborhoods, front door via the internet, and almost anywhere on Earth.

Google Street View came out in 2007, which lets us see our neighborhoods, front door via the internet, and almost anywhere on Earth. And there are more uses of this tool than you may think, here out most favorites.

1. Check out tricky intersections

This one can help you out a lot as you can use Street View to view the layout of tricky intersections in the city before going on a road trip so that you’ll know for sure where you’re heading to. Sometimes, even with the best mapping tech, you can still get lost while driving across many lanes and intersections in a strange place.

You can preview tricky intersections before you go

2. Check out the walks before you go

When it comes to viewing journeys before you go, existing mapping apps don’t give you the walking directions that are reflective of trails and pathways in the real world. Street View helps you see some turns as well as key points on the way so that you can avoid getting lost.

3. Check if there’s parking

You plan to go to a bar or a restaurant and you don’t know if there’s a place to park, a quick view in Google Street View will tell you this.

4. Help you decide to or not to move to a neighborhood

If you’re thinking of moving somewhere else, using Street View will help with reconnaissance on areas you’re considering. Visiting the place yourself is, of course, much better, but Google’s tool can give you a sense of the neighborhood’s state. You can find out the number of green spaces, the nearby eating and drinking places, the traffic, along with other information.

Check out a neighborhood that you're considering moving to

5. Figure out whether or not to move

You can make up your mind by reading reviews of places, but such public comments are not always reliable. Before deciding to visit a place, you can preview a park, a restaurant, or a bar. With Street View, you are able to see how well the venue is presented, what is located on either side, what kind of neighborhood it’s in, etc.

6. Find the best viewing points

If you want to take the best shots, Google Street View can help you find the right spot, telling you where to stop on a road trip to get spectacular landscapes.

7. Have a trial run for your job interview

You are having a job interview at a building you’ve never been to before, Street View helps make sure you know where you are going, which entrance you need to use. You can’t always find all this information on the web.

With Street View, you will know if the place has multiple stories or gates or if you will need more time to find the business you’re heading for. All of this assists a better preparation for you.

Knowing which building you need to go to for your job interview

8. Explore wonderful places around the world

You can’t likely imagine how many landmarks and sights are covered in Google Street View. Apparently, it’s the best to visit the place yourself, but if you can’t do that, Street View can show you marvelous natural and architectural wonders on the screen of your computer or smartphone, such as Mont Blanc, Grand Canyon, the ISS, Disney World, and so many more.

9. Entertain your friends and family

Next time you join a family get-together or meet up with friends and you want to find something to do, you can visit Street View, print out photos of different places and make them guess their names.

Google Street View covers a huge number of landmarks around the world


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