8 Mile Movie Download: Free Download Link For Indian Users

Dhir Acharya - Apr 19, 2020

8 Mile Movie Download: Free Download Link For Indian Users

8 Mile Movie Download: A famous movie from 2002 for those who are pursuing dreams. Plot and free link for Indian users to get the movie.

If you are familiar with the American film industry or rapper Eminem, you may already know that he did a movie once, back in 2002. In fact, this movie was quite a hit back at the time, it’s got a good plot and great songs, especially if you like rap. Anyway, if you haven’t watched or heard of this film yet, we will introduce it to you now. Here’s 8 Mile movie download.

8 Mile movie download: Introduction

8 Mile movie download
8 Mile movie download: One of the highest-grossing movies at the time (2002)

The movie, released in 2002, starred worldwide famous rapper Eminem, Brittany Murphy, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Shannon, Kim Basinger, and Anthony Mackie. The movie follows B-Rabbit (played by Eminem) and how he tried to launch a rap career, a genre that African-American artists already dominated.

Especially, it includes autobiographical elements from the personal life of Eminem and succeeded in both commercial and critical aspects.

8 Mile movie download: Plot

8 Mile movie download
8 Mile movie download: The movie is about a young man and his attempts to launch a rap career

In Detroit, 1995, a young blue-collar worker named Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. grows up in a poor family. He has moved to a trailer home in poor conditions in Michigan to live with his mom Stephanie – an alcoholic, Lily – his younger sister, and Greg – his mother’s abusive boyfriend. Despite encouragement from his friends to pursue the rapping career, Jimmy isn’t confident in his potential. One night, during a rap battle, he freezes and leaves humiliated.

Jimmy has a day job at a car factory, where he asks and gets refused to get extra shifts because his supervisor dislikes his tardiness. Jimmy then becomes friends with a girl named Alex. He starts to be more responsible for his life. And when he shows a better attitude and improved performance, his supervisor gives Jimmy the extra shifts he requested.

8 Mile movie download
8 Mile movie download: Jimmy competes in rap battles

Jimmy’s mother Stephanie, at some point, gets an eviction notice due to failure to pay rent. Though she tries to keep it as a secret, her boyfriend Greg finds out and confronts her. Greg threatens Stephanie, Jimmy attacks him when he knows that, and Greg leaves Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Jimmy has a friend called Wink, who’s a radio DJ that has ties to a record label promoter. Their friendship becomes strained as Jimmy finds that his friend promotes for his rivals, the “Leaders of the Free World” rap group. Once, Jimmy and friends get in a fight with the Leaders, during which his friend Cheddar Bob takes out a gun then shoots himself by accident, in the leg. He lives but has to use crutches.

8 Mile movie download
8 Mile movie download

One day, during lunch break at work, there’s a rap battle where an employee insults Paul, a gay co-worker. Jimmy witnesses that and joins the rap battler to defend Paul. His action impresses Alex, and Wink arranges for him to meet producers at a recording studio. However, Jimmy finds Wink having intercourse with Alex. Jimmy’s enraged and attacked Wink.

Then, Wink, along with the Leaders, assaults Jimmy outside the trailer home. At one point, Papa Doc, the leader of the rap group, holds Jimmy at gunpoint and threatens to kill him but Wink dissuades Doc. After the group leaves, Stephanie comes home with $3,200 that she has won from a bingo tournament, which helps her pay for the eviction.

8 Mile movie download
8 Mile movie download

Future, Jimmy’s best friend and also a battle host, pushes him to revenge by participating at the next rap battler against the Leaders of the Free World. But the battle takes place during his late-night shift. However, after Alex pays a goodbye visit before moving to New York, Jimmy changes his mind and Paul agrees to cover his night shift so that Jimmy can compete in the battle.

During the battle, Jimmy has to compete with a member of the Leaders group. He wins two rounds, and in the third round, he has to compete against Papa Doc. Eventually, he wins as he preemptively points out his “white trash” roots as well as difficult life then exposes Doc’s privileged, stable upbringing. Having nothing else to say, Doc feels embarrassed and hands the microphone back to Future. Jimmy gets congratulations from Alex and friends and is offered to host battles at The Shelter, the venue of the rap battles. But Jimmy doesn’t take the offer, wanting to go his own way. He gets back to work.

8 Mile movie download: Box Office

In just the opening week, 8 mile earned over $51.2 million, the second-highest opening of R-rated movies in the US at the time. In total, the movie got $

242.8 million worldwide, including $116.7 million domestically and $126.1 million overseas.

Besides, with the track “Lose Yourself,” the rapper won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, and it’s now among the signature songs of Eminem.

8 Mile movie download in Hindi

Usually, it’s extremely hard to download an American movie on the internet. For one, they never upload a full movie on popular platforms like YouTube, so there no hope for 8 Mile movie download free there. Secondly, you may find a number of websites offering the movie for streaming or downloading, but that’s not a piece of cake either because you will need a paid account. Therefore, that option for 8 Mile movie download for free doesn’t work as well.

Luckily, after spending some time searching all over the internet, I managed to find a functional link for you to 8 Mile movie download 480p, which is free and safe. You do need to register an account, but it costs nothing. Now, get 8 Mile movie download 300mb, many users tried it and it works, so it should work for you too.

All in all, 8 Mile is a great film about pursuing dreams despite challenges, difficulties, and objections from other people. If you need the motivation to get through a hard time, this is the movie to watch. We provided you with 8 Mile movie download, so enjoy!

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