Samsung Galaxy M21: Excellent Battery Life, Great Display, Not For Gamers

Karamchand Rameshwar - Aug 21, 2020

Samsung Galaxy M21: Excellent Battery Life, Great Display, Not For Gamers

Samsung Galaxy M21 is a decent choice for its Rs. 13,999 price tag, but there are some issues that you should consider before making the purchase.

The sub-Rs. 15,000 segment is getting much better and more versatile. For around Rs. 15,000, you now have many more choices that meet various needs. If you are looking for a newly launched smartphone with a massive battery, then the Samsung Galaxy M21 is one of the best choices for you. If you still hesitate, know more about the phone in our Samsung Galaxy M21 review below.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Feature
The Samsung Galaxy M21 shines with its AMOLED panel and 6,000mAh battery.

I have to be honest, there are not too many highlights in the Galaxy M21. It has a lot of features, but nothing is outstanding. Three things I like about this phone is its high-quality display, terrific battery life, and competitive price. That is understandable as you can’t expect too much from a budget smartphone. It's important that it suits your budget as well as fits the needs of the majority of consumers.

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Samsung Galaxy M21: Price

The Samsung Galaxy M21 release date is 18th March 2020. The handset comes in Raven Black and Midnight Blue color variants and two memory configurations - 4GB RAM + 64GB storage and 6GB RAM + 128GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Colors
Midnight Blue and Raven Black

The phone is currently available on multiple platforms, including Flipkart and Amazon India. Sadly, due to the GST hike, the price of the device is also increased from its starting Rs. 12,999 price tag. At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy M21 price Amazon are Rs. 13,999 for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage model and Rs. 15,999 for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage model. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy M21 price Flipkart are Rs. 15,688 for the 4GB RAM option and Rs. 17,749 for the 6GB option.

Samsung Galaxy M21: Display

With a large 6.4-inch Infinity-U screen with Full HD + resolution, the Galaxy M21 is able to display a high level of details, not the best, but certainly better than its competitors in the segment. Its Super AMOLED panel delivers vibrant, vivid colors, and deep black color. Compared to the TFT LCD screen, the Super AMOLED panel has a higher maximum screen brightness, suitable for users who need to use the phone outdoors a lot.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Display
The Galaxy M21 has an AMOLED panel, which is quite rare for a smartphone in the sub-Rs. 15,000 segment.

The handset has Dolby Atmos - a feature that increases sound quality for headphones or speakers for a unique surround sound experience like being in the cinema.

With all these features, this phone is a great choice for entertainment purposes. If you need to buy an extra phone to binge-watch Netflix movies, the Galaxy M21 is quite suitable, plus such a huge battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery or carrying a power bank with you.

Samsung Galaxy M21: Performance

Equipped with Exynos 9611 chip that has seen quite a lot on other mid-range phones such as Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31, or even Galaxy A51. The performance of this chipset has also been tested in-depth quite a few times. In short, the tasks are usually handled smoothly and stably. When playing games, the device sets max settings in many games, but if playing more than 30 minutes, it will start to heat up, the fps will not be as stable as the beginning and you will experience fps drop occasionally. So with not only M21 but all other phones with this chipset, you should only play games at medium graphics, so that the device will generate less heat and be more stable.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Gaming Performance
The Exynos 9611 chipset on the Galaxy M21 is not really good when it comes to gaming.

In terms of memory, the phone packs 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of UFS 2.1 storage and supports a microSD card (up to 512GB).

Samsung Galaxy M21: Battery life

If you just need to find a phone with long battery life, then the Galaxy M21 should be one of the best choices. The 6,000 mAh capacity is not just for advertising. I spent a few days at home with my phone, except when I slept. If you just surf the web or social networks, take pictures, binge-watch movies like me, the device will certainly be able to last a full day. With the 15W fast charging technology, the phone will take around 2 hours to full charge from 0 to 100 percent.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review 1
The Galaxy M21 battery life is superb, except for gaming.

If you use it to play games, the Exynos 9611 chip will heat up after around 30 minutes and consume more battery, so the battery will drop to 20% after 4 or 5 hours of gaming.

Overall, the handset handles normal tasks comfortably, but you will see some issues when playing games, especially the heavy-graphics ones. And if you want to get the longest battery life, avoid playing games on this phone. Otherwise, you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice.

Samsung Galaxy M21: Camera

The triple-camera lens setup on the Samsung Galaxy M21 include 48MP AF (f / 2.0) main camera, an 8MP (f / 2.2) ultra-wide-angle camera with a 123-degree viewing angle, and a 5MP depth sensor camera (f / 2.2). There is also a 20MP front camera for selfies and video calls.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review 3
The handset features a triple camera setup at the back and a single 20MP selfie camera on the front.

Overall, under normal conditions, the outcomes are decent when compared to other phones in the same price point. 

Samsung Galaxy M21: Verdict

Samsung launched a phone like the Galaxy M21 during this time, it is a very opportunity. Large battery, beautiful screen, Samsung Galaxy M21 features are good for its Rs. 13,999 price tag. This phone is a great option for many purposes, except for gaming. As mentioned, it will heat up quickly after around 30 minutes of playing.

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