Microsoft Surface Pro X Hands-On: Impressive Design With ARM-Based Chipset

Anil - Oct 03, 2019

Microsoft Surface Pro X Hands-On: Impressive Design With ARM-Based Chipset

With a price tag of $999, will the Microsoft Surface Pro X bang for your bucks?

Introduced at this year's Microsoft event, there're two Surface Pro models on the air, including the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X. While the Surface Pro 7 has long been considered an irreplaceable predecessor in the Surface Pro lineup, the Surface Pro X is a brand-new flagship that Microsoft surprised us.

Surface Pro X 01

Now, treat your eyes to some latest experiences on the Surface Pro X!

Surface Pro X 02

At the first look, Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 look quite similar to each other. Though Surface Pro X gets a larger display (13 inches), it's still thinner and lighter than other 12-inch Surface Pro models in the past. The new device boasts an ARM-based Qualcomm chip namely Surface SQ1, which is a result of the cooperation between Microsoft and Qualcomm.

Surface Pro X Event Hero 01

In an attempt to make Surface Pro X more unique, Microsoft has provided it with several big visible changes, including not only a thinner overall device but also slimmer display bezels and more-rounded edges. There are two USB-C ports on the left side while Microsoft opts for its traditional Surface Connect charging port on the right. However, the device doesn't have any headphone jack or USB-A port.

Surface Pro X 7

As claimed, the Surface Pro X comes with a 13-inch PixelSense display (2880 x 1920) and a usual aspect ratio of 3:2. Once you hold the Surface Pro 7 then change to the Surface Pro X, the experience is really much better at all. Firstly, it is only 7.3mm thick while Surface Pro 7 even reaches 8.38mm of thickness. Weighing at 774 grams, Surface Pro X is lighter than the 775-gram Pro 7 but the on-paper insignificant difference becomes very significant in the reality.


Surface Pro X 03898

Microsoft has redesigned the Surface Pro X with a revamped Type Cover position, allowing the new Surface Slim Pen to slot into the top of its keyboard. Once it docks in the right position, it'll be charged automatically. Windows 10 will also push a pop-up message to notify you whenever you unplug the smartpen.


Surface Pro X 04

Optionally, you can have removable SSD storage in the Surface Pro X. A small plate lies underneath the kickstand, so it's easy to access with a SIM tool. When it has already opened, you will find here an SSD M.2 and a nano-SIM slot as well. From now on, customers can swap them on your own very conveniently.


Surface Pro X 05

Accordingly, Surface Pro X with ARM-powered SQ 1 warrants a maximum battery life of up to 13 hours. It also supports fast-charge technology, and as reported, can be 80% re-powered after one hour of fast charging.


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