Samsung Might Use Ultra-Thin Glass Cover On Galaxy Fold 2

Karamchand Rameshwar - Dec 25, 2019

Samsung Might Use Ultra-Thin Glass Cover On Galaxy Fold 2

But it might be just a concept device and nothing is certain that these images belong to Galaxy Fold 2.

Earlier in the month, photos of a foldable smartphone with a clamshell design were said to be Samsung's next foldable device, Galaxy Fold 2. But will this device use glass instead of a plastic screen protector?

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That's what the famous Ice Universe leaker claims in the tweet that Samsung has developed an "ultra-thin protective glass" for its next foldable phone, and points out that the surface is smooth and flat. The device's hidden screen is proof of that. (The plastic protective panels of folding screen devices often leave ripples when viewed at certain angles, and cause wrinkles over time.)

The above statement isn't impossible and Samsung has trademarked it in Europe that is called "Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass" or "UTG". While other rumors claim that this brand is for the material that is about to be used on the next foldable phone, the device is called Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Many manufacturers have long invested in this technology. Moreover, foldable glass is considered an important step to bring foldable screen devices to the mass market. It is more durable than the polymer layer currently used and will help these devices overcome quality issues. It also brings a nicer, more luxurious look that meets user expectations.

Corning, Apple's supplier is also one of the developers of this material, and market observers believe that iPhone manufacturers are waiting for this foldable glass to be more reliable before launching its own folding screen device.

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Alleged leaked photos of the Galaxy Fold 2

Of course, this does not confirm that Samsung will launch a foldable device with protective glass. Even with the image above, we can't know if it's Galaxy Fold 2 or not. This may be just a prototype or just a concept device.

Even so, everything is possible. Samsung is very optimistic about the folding device market, and innovations like the foldable glass are the right step. Perhaps there will be more information about the company's plans in the near future.


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