Reliance Jio Launches Kumbh JioPhone As The Festival Is Coming

Dhir Acharya - Jan 10, 2019

Reliance Jio Launches Kumbh JioPhone As The Festival Is Coming

On the occasion of Kumbh festival, Reliance Jio will launch the Kumbh JioPhone from January 15, offering several benefits from pilgrims.

As the Kumbh festival is coming, Reliance Jio has released a new functionality exclusively for pilgrims called Kumbh JioPhone. Both current and new JioPhone users can enjoy this functionality.

Users can access this new functionality through the JioStore. Reliance Retail has also created a new helpline number that especially answers user’s questions about the JioPhone, ‘1991’.

Reliance Jiophone Lead

Kumbh, with more than 130 million pilgrims, is the most significant human congregation across the world, taking holy dip during a course of 55 days. Reliance Jio has launched the Kumbh JioPhone to honor this respected Indian tradition.

As stated by Reliance Jio, Kumbh JioPhone users can enjoy a series of benefits that are particularly designed to meet pilgrims’ needs, including end-to-end services providing information on Kumbh such as travel information in real time (buses, trains, etc.), booking tickets, getting updates, ‘yatri ahsray’ at stations, helpline numbers for emergencies, maps, and so on.

Additionally, the Kumbh JioPhone will come with other functionalities and features like Khoya Paya and Family Locator. Users can also enjoy contents, as well as news alerts, specialized about Kumbh.

Finally, the Kumbh JioPhone will also come with entertainment for users, including games and the Daily Quiz. In the Daily Quiz, users can answer questions about Kumbh and win exciting prizes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kumbh festival

A spokesperson from Jio said that JioPhone is making a lot of innovations, and the Kumbh JioPhone launch just further illustrates how the company focuses on transferring plenty of true values to their users. According to this representative, what makes the JioPhone the best-selling phone in the Indian market lies in its features and the value it translates into. He stressed the pride in helping all Indians get a smartphone at such a low price of Rs 501 and offering functionalities, features made by India, made in India, and made for India.

In this festival, Jio has developed a close relationship with the UP Police as well as KASH IT in working to make sure users have a better experience than their expectation.


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