Lenovo Leading The Tablet PC Market In India Q3 2018

Indira Datta - Dec 03, 2018

Lenovo Leading The Tablet PC Market In India Q3 2018

According to Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), Lenovo is leading in the tablet market in India, where it increased by 6% in the third quarter 2018.

According to a new paper from Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), Lenovo is the technology leader in the tablet market in India, where it increased 6% in the third quarter. Samsung was a favorite brand in India, but the times have changed, the evolution and improvement of Chinese’s Lenovo have gradually won the trust of Indian.

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Lenovo tablet is increasingly popular in India

CMR said that all of the tablets are 4G and 3G of Lenovo continue to lead the market in the province of India in today. The Tab 4 series is the highest-earning product in Q3 2018. Lenovo is favored for its product line with the needs of financial services and education.

According to the Tablet PC Market Report Review of CMR, in Q3 2018, Lenovo accounted for 22 percent of the market and ranked first, followed by iBall with 16% and Samsung with 15% market share.

The shipment figure for the Indian tablet market was 0.83 million while the shipment figure for 4G tablet sequentially increased by 47 percent in Q3 2018. Domestic brands are also advancing as Samsung is becoming less and less popular, with iBall accounting for the second largest market share in the country.

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IBall tablet is also listed in the top 3

A South Korean tech giant, Samsung Electronics, has fallen in the last few quarters due to the company using the same strategy for the last few quarters. Samsung does not take any new strategies to attract customers to buy their products, so their customers gradually fall into the hands of the brands from China. Lenovo is favored by high compatibility, full-featured and admirable durability.

In the forthcoming quarter, the 4G market will expand its size in the overall tablet market up to 60%. There will most likely six or seven key companies dominate the retail market and the overall tablet market in the future. With the development of B2B, we can see the shrinking of the overall market share of the retail market.


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