[CES 2020] OnePlus Teases A Smartphone With Invisible Cameras

Karamchand Rameshwar - Jan 06, 2020

[CES 2020] OnePlus Teases A Smartphone With Invisible Cameras

This will be a new smartphone that OnePlus will use to show off its technology at the CES 2020 event, though it's unlikely to be widely used in any time soon.

OnePlus is expected to introduce the OnePlus Concept One at CES 2020 next week (January 7). It is a prototype smartphone with a completely new design of OnePlus when it can hide the main camera cluster below the protective glass on the back.

Recently, the brand posted a short video on Twitter, teasing this new ‘Concept One’, promising a breakthrough design in the future of the smartphone industry.

The company says that Concept One will use a "tinted glass technology" to hide the main camera cluster underneath the protective glass. As the name implies, we can guess that in normal use mode, the device will have a completely normal back, and when the camera is turned on, some of the protective glass may change color to let the light through, helps the camera work.

Oneplus Concept One Invisible Camera

According to Wired, the technology OnePlus uses on Concept One is similar to the technology applied to car’s sunroof and aircraft windows, to create a "stealth" effect. Specifically, once the camera is activated, the shades of the protective glass can be adjusted via electrical signals so that the camera can show and capture light. However, according to VP of research at Material ConneXion, which is a consultancy firm based in New York City, the electrochromic glass might have several problems in terms of longevity. Moreover, it is not easy to replace the glass, as it includes both polymer and glass layers.

Oneplus Concept One Invisible Camera 1

Of course, although it is a prototype, Concept One will not be a foldable smartphone as many users have long expected, instead, this will be a smartphone that OnePlus can "show off" its new technology, the technology that no manufacturer has applied on their smartphones. At the moment, there is no information on whether OnePlus will put this Concept One tech into mass production. If the technology is successfully applied, future OnePlus smartphones will soon be integrated with invisible rear cameras


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