Black Shark 2 Pro Is A Budget-Friendly With Decent Hardware Gaming Phone From Xiaomi

Aadhya Khatri - Aug 01, 2019

Black Shark 2 Pro Is A Budget-Friendly With Decent Hardware Gaming Phone From Xiaomi

Black Shark 2 Pro features whooping storage, competent processor, and a leap in RAM, which translates to better CPU and graphics performance

Gaming smartphones are largely driven by Fortnite, PUBG, and other AAA-tier titles, and now, they are going through a renaissance era. Only time can tell if this trend is here to stay or it is another fad just like modular or dual-screen phones, but for the time beings, all sort of phone makers are joining the competition. The latest company to announce its gaming-centric phone is Xiaomi with its Black Shark 2 Pro.

Xiaomi is investing a lot in Black Shark

Black Shark is in no way Xiaomi’s core product, but rather a sub-brand, the one it is currently paying lots of attention to.

What most interesting about the phone is the fact that Black Shark 2 Pro is the second smartphone to run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus, which translates to better graphics and CPU performance. Another highlight is modems that can provide stability in cellular connection for minimum risk of lagging.

Other specs include RAM of 12GB. While that sounds impressive on papers, users will not notice much of a leap in performance in comparison with other models with the standard RAM of 8GB, at least for now. However, it should prepare users for titles coming in the future, as the average life span for a smartphone is 24 months.

No one can be sure of what the future holds but judging on the current trend; mobile games are getting more graphic intensive and sophisticated. So if this keeps up, the 12GB of RAM will come in use, someday.

Another feature worth mentioning is the touch latency, which is 34.7ms, compared to the 43.5ms of its predecessors. There is also another improvement in the secondary camera on the rear, from 12MP to 13 MP. The primary one is a 48MP sensor.

Black Shark 2 Pro features UFS 3.0 storage, which we first saw on OnePlus 7. With that, we have a whooping speed transfer of 23.2Gbps, which is divided into 11.6Gbps into two lanes. To put that in more practical terms, this storage enables users to access and save large files and supports tasks like shooting 4K video.

Since the Black Shark 2 Pro is a gaming-centric phone, it features a ton of LED lights, which might be an eyesore for fans of the minimalistic look of iPhones and the like. However, given the hardware, some gamers may have enough of an encouragement to overlook the appearance.

The hardware is enough of a reason to overlook the appearance

The price is also a plus. Black Shark 2 Pro, with the aforementioned processor, storage, and RAM, is surprisingly budget-friendly. With 128GB of onboard storage, the entry-level handset will set you back CNY 2,999, an equivalent of Rs. 29,950.

For now, the phone is available in China only, with rumors that it may come to India in the future.


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