Tests Done, Reliance Jio Will Launch JioGigaFiber In 1,600 Cities

Dhir Acharya - Apr 20, 2019

Tests Done, Reliance Jio Will Launch JioGigaFiber In 1,600 Cities

After several delays in the past year, Reliance Jio has finally concluded its test and announced the launch of JioGigaFiber to commercial users.

For a while now, there have been rumors about Reliance Jio rolling out its JioGigaFiber to commercial users. The company has delayed the launch several times since last year, but according to a new report, Reliance Jio has completed its tests.

The company is reportedly optimizing its strategy to bring its fiber-to-the-home broadband service to the market as well as set up last-mile connectivity. The telecom giant, led by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, has acquired Hathway Cable and DEN Networks, which may play the key role to help Reliance Jio achieve last-mile connectivity for its JioGigaFiber service.

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ET Telecom reported that Reliance Jio has confirmed that it will launch the service in 1,600 cities following a series of success in the beta tests. The service is expected to offer home broadband, smart home solutions, and entertainment with a unified package. Ambani said that as the mobility business has been executed successfully, the company can now focus on cataputing the Home & Enterprise connectivity market in India to global standards using the next generation of its FTTX services.

He continued that the company has offered mobility services, GigaFiber fixed-broadband service as well as other technology platforms with the aim of transforming India through the Digital Revolution and turning itself into a Technology Platform Company.

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In August 2018, Reliance Jio announced its JioGigaFiber service for the first time and since then, it has been doing tests on the FTTH broadband service with a select user sample from major cities. Besides, reports say that a “Triple Play” plan is also undergoing tests among its employees, in which users can make unlimited voice calls, get 100GB of high-speed mobile data as well as a free subscription to enjoy Jio Home TV integrated with access to others of Jio applications.

As per September 2016, the telecom giant announced that it crossed the mark of 300 million subscribers across India. The company said in its fourth earnings announcement that it’s the first telecom player to cross this milestone in that little time. Furthermore, Jio is reported to have operating revenue as of FY19 at Rs 38,838 crore while its EBITDA margin registered 38.9 percent.


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