Xiaomi To Introduce The Same Earphones As The Apple AirPod Soon

Shakti - Nov 28, 2018

Xiaomi To Introduce The Same Earphones As The Apple AirPod Soon

Xiaomi plans to reveal its absolutely wireless earphones looking like the Apple AirPod's concept. This article will bring you a great AirPod alternative.

China’s Xiaomi smartphone brand is said to be arranging to introduce an absolutely wireless earphones like Apple AirPod. FCC has recently listed the Xiaomi earphones which are designated as AirDots. It is likely that the Xiaomi earphones may be likewise called ‘Mi True Wireless Earphones’. Xiaomi has reportedly copied the layout of the Apple AirPods as well as may come with a USB Type-C adapter for charging. Although Xiaomi does not inform about the launching time, the device could be supposed to be issued soon.


The Apple Airpod competitors had already been launched by some brands consisting of Samsung. While Samsung introduced the Gear Icon X, the Chinese competitor Oppo introduced the O-Free earphones. In India, the Samsung Gear Icon X was introduced at Rs 13,990. The device accompanies with its independently operated music playback along with 4GB of built-in cache that will permit listeners to enjoy to their preferred music without being attached to their phone. Music could be stored either wirelessly or from the users ‘phones or computers utilizing a USB adapter. Then, touch-based indications permit users to play, interrupt, skip together with browsing through whole playlists.

The Gear IconX accompanies with rapid-charging plus a declared battery capacity of a maximum of 5 hours of the user streams music or 7 hours of standalone playback. The Gear IconX case operates as a power bank as well, plus provides users one alternative method to charge the device.

With regard to the Oppo O-Free, Qualcomm’s QCC3026 processor which powers the wireless earphone can bear with a maximum of 4 hours listening to music. However, users can bring the earbuds case around, which helps charge the earphones. It is claimed to convey up to supplementary 12 hours of battery capacity. One intriguing characteristic of the device is that the O-Free assists voice translation which appeared with the Google Pixel buds. The accessory likewise provides voice assistant as well as music controls.


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