Top Wireless Speakers For Under Rs 7,100

Dhir Acharya - Sep 23, 2019

Top Wireless Speakers For Under Rs 7,100

If you are looking for fairly priced and small Bluetooth speakers to take along when you go out, these below products are some good suggestions for you.

If you are looking for fairly priced and small Bluetooth speakers to take along when you go out, these below products are some good suggestions for you.

There are problems with the sound of portable wireless speakers, especially with the bass part, but gradually, the quality has been improved while the price has been lowered. Wireless speakers now can connect to almost any smartphone or tablet.

Here are some small and light products which are suitable for traveling and don't cost too much.

Best sound of its size: Bose Soundlink Micro


Inside of its tiny size, the sound quality of Bose SoundLink Micro is high, besides, it is fully waterproof. There are three colors for you to choose from.

Price: Rs 7,022

Best for clipping onto a backpack: JBL Clip 3


The fully waterproof JBL Clip 3 has longer battery life and better sound compared to the Clip 2. It is also stronger for the integrated carabiner that frames the perimeter of the speaker and also works as a bumper. It is one of the best speakers of its size.

Price: Rs 4,256

Best sound under Rs 4,000: Tribit MaxSound Plus


Despite the bigger size and higher price compared to XSound Go, the Tribit MaxSound Plus is still an excellent option in its class for the good performance and sound.

Price: Rs 3,972

Best design: JBL Flip 5


JBL Flip 5 is fully waterproof, it has IPX7 certification and it can survive after 30 minutes underwater. Compared to Flip 4, it is a little bigger and also improved in sound quality with more bass.

Tribit’s StormBox is cheaper and plays louder but the tone balance of the Flip 5 is better. Besides, it also has the USB-C port for charging.

Price: Rs 7,093

Best under Rs 1,800: Sony SRS-XB01


The Sony XB01 is a strong candidate for the under Rs 1,800 segment. Not only splashproof is it but it also has many colors to choose from. Besides, it is regularly discounted.

Price: its listed price is Rs 2,482, regularly discounted to Rs 1,773

Most durable: UE Wonderboom 2


The original Wondeerboom Bluetooth speaker of Ultimate Ear is an excellent product with good sound and waterproofing. This year, the company introduced a new product, the Wonderboom 2. It is bigger than its predecessor; with more bass, the sound of Wonderboom 2 is slightly better and it also has Outdoor Boost mode, which helps turn up the treble.

Besides waterproofing, Wonderboom 2 has an IP67 rating, which means it is a dustproof and shock-resistant speaker and it can also float. The battery life is 30% longer, up to 13 hours and with simply pressing a button on 2 speakers, you can connect them to create a stereo pairing.

Price: Rs 5,674

Excellent value: Tribit XSound Go


In the under Rs 2,500 segment, the Tribit Sound Go is one of the best, which is waterproof and plays good sound.

Price: Rs 2,340

Best mini canister speaker: Sony SRS-XB12


The SRS-XB12 is the smallest model in the Xtra Bass Line of Sony. Despite the small size, its sound is big and the battery life is also long, up to 16 hours. It is waterproof, dustproof and it also floats (IP67).

Price: Rs 2,837

A cheaper alternative to Flip 5: Tribit StormBox


Big sound and long battery life, up to 20 hours, are what we can say about the Tribit StormBox. This fully waterproof speaker is Rs 2,127 cheaper than the JBL Flip 5 and better designed than the Tribit’s XSound.

Price: Rs 4,965

Big bass for its size: 1More Portable BT Speaker


The quality of the 1More’s first wireless speaker is pretty good. The bass performance is an advantage of this product. Although it is small, its bass is bigger than the Flip 5 or UE Wonderboom. You can lay it flat or hang vertically with the built-in lanyard. You can also pair up 2 speakers in stereo mode.

Price: Rs 5,320

Solid bargain model: Oontz Angle 3 Ultra


Compared to its predecessor, the Oontz Angle Plus, its sound is slightly bigger, its battery life is longer and it is more water-resistant. You can connect two speakers with stereo-pairing. The price of Oontz Angle 3 Ultra is also fair.

Price: Rs 2,482


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