Tesla's Air Filter System Protected Its Owner From The California's Disaster

Shakti - Nov 19, 2018

Tesla's Air Filter System Protected Its Owner From The California's Disaster

This built-in air filter system can help Tesla owners breathe the pure air inside the car. Especially in the current situation of California's disaster.

After the spreading over the state of the California wildfires, the air quality becomes a serious disaster for people living in the city. But for Tesla customers, they are provided with a technical system to protect their life, that is the built-in air filter system in the cars.

Scott Wainner, a Tesla Model X owner, posted a photo on Twitter showing how his Model X filter out the smoke air outside.

Screenshot 1


The PM2.5 from 249ug/m^3 outside to 18ug inside

2 models of Tesla Model S and Model X is equipped with a hospital-grade HEPA filter, which is a high-efficiency particulate air filter. This device can filter out the microscopic particles with a maximum of 0.3 micrometers wide, including pollen, dust mites and smoke outside.

According to experts, the Tesla Model S and X have a 'Bioweapon Defense Mode' which is turned on by just pressing one button in the car. This is considered as being able to stop weaponized bacteria from coming in the car. Some experts even believe that it can stop the viruses entrance.

Tesla informed that its HEPA air filter system, which equipped in the Model S and Model X, does not only clean up the air inside the car, but also reduces pollution outside the car.

Another story is on the Tesla Model 3 car, this model does not have the hospital-grade HEPA filter like Model S and Model X, but it can clean up the air inside the car to a high-quality level. The "recycle air" option is integrated into the Model 3 to take the PM2.5 level of a maximum of 135 μg/m^3 to just 5 μg/m^3 in only 9 minutes.


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