Sony's PlayStation Classic Is Emulated On An Open Source Software

Shakti - Nov 14, 2018

Sony's PlayStation Classic Is Emulated On An Open Source Software

Players realize that the new version of Sony's PlayStation Classic now running on the open source software. Here is the news we collected.

People have been talking about the latest gaming device of Sony - PlayStation Classic a lot. However, almost the comments on this device are negative because it’s running open source software named PCSX ReARMed.

In case you don't know what PCSX ReARMed is, it is an emulator which was first debuted in 2000. And the most significant thing is that it's... free. Many comments on gaming forums have criticized that Sony was so lazy when they could not create its own emulator just like Nintendo did for its series micro-consoles gaming devices.


Right now, we can not understand exactly what's going on, the most important thing is that PlayStation Classic still work correctly. There have not been any complaints about the conflict between the emulator and the hardware.  Sony has stated that the products seem to work quite well and gamers should not take this problem too serious.

Besides, Video Game History Foundation founder - Frank Cifaldi agree to Sony's statement: “Should we expect Sony to spend the time and money making something that is probably not going to end up being as good as PCSX?"

Like what Sony has announced, there is nothing wrong with the PlayStation Classic, the software has been correctly licensed and credited. However, some gamers still consider this as an unreasonable move from the PlayStation maker. Because this is still a commercial product and Sony get money from a product that runs on an open source emulator rather than build one of their own.

In conclusion, the problem might not be so serious because the PlayStation Classic still works properly. But when this problem comes up, we know that Sony did not tell us all about their products. Maybe PlayStation 4’s operating system is built upon open source software too and we’ve never heard a word said about that.


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