Sony Will Soon Make It Possible For Players To Experience Punch And Bullets In Games

CTVKhanhN - Jun 11, 2019, 7:09 pm IST

Players Will Soon Play VR Games With Suits That Let Them Feel Punches & Bullets

For those who love VR games, the surrounding environment is the most important thing. When it comes to the virtual reality experience, just to observe everything around you like you’re actually there isn’t the peak, but it is to feel it too.

And according to the newest reports about Sony, what we’re talking about is actually being developed.

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Players will be able to feel punches and bullets in VR games

The development of PSVR, Sony’s virtual reality platform, is exactly what we have just talked about. As the reports revealed, they might have more noteworthy plans than only some ordinary VR headsets and controllers for their upcoming PlayStation 5.

Apparently, a VR glove featured with the haptic response has been registered by Sony. It will undoubtedly act as a substitute controller with a tracker of hand gestures and some physical movements for interaction. The haptic response sounds impressive because it could be used to create simulated in-game damage or even profound aspects like letting you “touch” an object in the virtual world.

Will we soon be able to do this?

Actually, knowing that you can wear a controller with haptic response means there could be more plans than this. Just think about it: if Sony is able to make this happen, will they stop there? We can literally expect that we can experience a VR game in a full-body suit in the near future, just like what we see in the movie “Ready Player One.”

Although only the gloves were registered, Sony apparently mentioned that the haptic response could possibly be used in “a hat, footwear, pants or shirt.” They also have plans to replicate other material in the wearable with warmth and cooling components, an engine, and compressed liquids.

The haptic feedback could possibly be used in “a hat, footwear, pants, or shirt.”

We can obviously see this business has vast potential. Games will be experienced like never before. What it sounds like when the player gets shot in their favorite battle royale game and being able to actually feel a (generally milder) thump in their ribs at where the bullet hits? And what it sounds like if you can feel the resistance behind your punch when you hit your rival in a match of boxing? Or simply feel freezing all over your body in the middle of your way to the highest point of a mountain in a new God of War VR title.

Of course, all we’re talking about will be an extended, long-term plan, if they are actually possible. This patent filled by Sony is just the beginning, so let’s hope that it will be pushed into the development phase in no time!