Microsoft Surface Pro May Be Equipped With Solar Panels In The Future

Anil - Jan 31, 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro May Be Equipped With Solar Panels In The Future

As expected, this change will prolong the battery life of Microsoft Surface Pro devices.

Microsoft has successfully pursued a patent filing for a solar panel integrated on the cover of its Surface Pro lineup, meaning that these devices' covers will soon consist of solar panels. The tech giant has been known for its capability of making a huge revenue by selling interchangeable covers, or other Surface peripherals, besides the verified and environmentally-friendly quality of the devices with solar-powered features.

solar panels Surface Pro
Microsoft's Surface Pro will soon consist of solar panels.

Microsoft business includes the selling of supplemental combination cover, as well as keyboard for Surface tablets right from the beginning, with a starting price of $130. There are other accessories that Surface users can choose from, such as a stylus ($150), a wired mouse ($80), wireless headphones ($250). Those designed accessories might fit well with Microsoft’s premium solar-powered keyboard cover in the near future. Having applied for the patent 2 years ago, but until now it has just become public.

Solar Panels On Future Surface Pro Products

For solar-powered devices, the most efficient method to charge them is through the direct and full sunlight. This is not a frequent environment for those who use computers or tablets. This means users will have to leave their solar-powered devices in outdoor conditions, which is not really comfortable. However, the panels can charge themselves (but not as efficient as the regular charging way) with indirect light sources such as LED bulbs or incandescent.  

solar panels will arrive in surface pro
Will solar panels prolong the battery life of Microsoft Surface devices?

Industry professionals once doubted the efficiency of the solar-type covers, and whether they can prolong the battery life of Microsoft Surface devices, but they turned out to be much more efficient than ever before. However, Surface devices that are considered to be a potential rival of iPad use lightweight and elegant-style design, do not seem to fit well with clunky solar-powered equipment. It may take Microsoft years to apply for the patent on a real project.


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