Intel Unleashes The 9th Generation Of Core i9-9900K CPU With 8 Cores And Even More

Manas Munshi - Nov 01, 2018

Intel Unleashes The 9th Generation Of Core i9-9900K CPU With 8 Cores And Even More

The combination of the ninth generation of core i9-9900K CPU with 8 cores and Nvidia RTX 080 Ti card could become a perfect combination.

On 8th October, Intel has just launched the 9th Gen 8-core i9-9900K CPU with an extremely confident declaration of the best gaming device in the world. The flagship mainstream is kept unlocked and the CPU is overclocked with eight cores, this new product has been designed to concentrate mainly on the gamers and obviously the creators who account for the majorities of the market segmentation.

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Nowadays, these two segments are identified to be the target market of many technology companies including Intel. They believe that those people seem to be willing to spend more money to purchase powerful tools to support their work or interest, or to upgrade their current systems to the latest ones every two or three years.

It might result in the launching together with 9th Gen products of two new flagship parts including the Intel Core i9-9980XE with 18 cores and the Intel Xeon W-3175X serving the two main subjects in turn as people requiring workstation power and workstation professor. Then you can say, the more cores it has, the more attractive it seems to become, which appeals a lot of techies to purchase, like one professional gamer used to say, esports is a money-making machine.

The game creators at present are following the common trend of building games with at least six cores. It is due to the fact that CPU wins the ratio to become the bottleneck in comparison with GPU when you combine the quality setting at 1440p (or even 4K) with the outstanding graphics cards such as Nvidia's RTX line. We could therefore conclude that the number of cores in the CPU brings different performances, especially for nongaming which sometimes existes the high-quality rendering.

By applying the Coffee Lake-S 14nm++, ninth gen partly separates itself from the relatives list of its predecessor, the eighth gen. Its efficiencies have been increased, which makes the access to memory and power handing become more consistent and flexible.


HP has upgraded one of its existing Omen desktops with a Core i9 9900K

The most remarkable detail mentioned about the superiority of the two flagship i9-9900K and i7-9700K is the appearance of eight cores. The more cores you have, the better process you experience. Another bonus for this new design should be the higher clock speeds. The combination of these two dominance have been set into i9-9900K version which could hit up to 5GHz and own the fastest clock speed of Turbo Boost.

In detail, two out of eight cores of the i9-9900K could reach to 5GHz, while the average for all is 4.7GHz. For i7-9700K, one core could get a boost to 4.9GHz, two boost to 4.8GHz and averagely 4.6GHz on all. The difference between these two is the hyperthreading technology which provide you eight thread on a quarter of a core processor, and the i9 gets a bonus for this supplement. However, in fact, the gap between the processors of the i7 and i9 is not too large when at the same four cores, the former gets a boost to 4.7GHz while the latter could get to 4.8GHz.  

The upgraded memory architecture of Intel helps a lot in improving the performance, details as that the core for memory never runs out of, and using solder thermal interface material (STIM) between the chip and the heat sink in replacement for traditional thermal paste brings a better effect on releasing the heat during the overclocking process.

Price reflects the quality and vice versa. Therefore, the cost of around $490 for only the i9-9900K shall not be a surprise. Together with that, the prices for the system are likely at least $2000. However, comparing among the Intel’s i9 X series, those prices turn out to be quite reasonable. An i9 from 10 cores and 20 threads are on sales with $1000. Or the predecessor eighth generation with i7 and six cores seems to be a great choice for today but might be out of date in the next few years. The reason was that Intel decides to put an end to hyperthreading technique which has been known as stimulating the number of cores. Then if your want to own a powerful computer system, you should consider which products could help you to lengthen the lasting time of your machine.

AMD's Ryzen 2700X could be a choice if you are looking for something cheaper, it is introduces with eight cores and 16 threads. However, we need to spend more time observing it before deciding to mark it is worth the price.

You could pre-order for systems from all major manufacturers from today and the shipping date is estimated from 19th Oct. Only the shipment for the i9-9980XE with 18 cores and unlocked Xeon W-3175X with 28 cores shall start from December, then it will probably be available after one month.

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Anyway, the CPUs could not completely considered as the firm evidence in the future, as to our knowledge, the fastest memory supported by them is known as DDR4-266, however, a faster DDR4 is currently accessible and one day the DDR5 shall be launched.

In addition, the successor of Z370, Z390 chipset also brings a more active support by adding more USB-C/Thunderbolt.


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