7 Cool Gadgets That Double As A Wireless Charger For Your Phone

Dhir Acharya - Oct 02, 2019

7 Cool Gadgets That Double As A Wireless Charger For Your Phone

Qi wireless charging is currently a common choice for smartphones. All you need to do is laying your phone on a Qi stand or pad and it will charge.

Due to its convenience, Qi charging is currently a common choice for premium and mid-range smartphones. All you need to do is laying your phone on a Qi stand or pad and it will charge. Sure, they will take a spot on your nightstand or your desk, and they are not the best-looking gadgets you have. But wireless charging is coming to other products too, such as end tables, desk lamps, Bluetooth speakers, etc. And the following are some of the better places with Qi charging where you can charge your phone wirelessly.

Mpow Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

There are more and more alarm clocks offering built-in Qi charging pads, and this one is one of the better products. For one, it looks cool; on the other hand, as the clock’s base doubles as the charger, you can easily reach out to it in the dark.


TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Those who work at desks are likely to have a lamp. The LED lamp offers touch controls, a USB port to plug devices in, five lighting modes, as well as a 7.5W Qi charging pad.


Zofine Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

If you think mousepads are no longer a thing, think again because they now double as wireless charging pads. This mouse pad offers 10W charging for phones that are compatible, but you will need a USB-C port. If your laptop houses one, that’s great, or else, you will have to get an AC adapter.


I-star Portable Smart Table

This nightstand/end-table includes a Qi charger on the top as well as a Bluetooth speaker coming with the table. It also features USB ports so that you can plug non-Qi devices in.

The table houses a 6,600mAh battery, meaning it can play music for 7 hours straight (without charging anything).


Censhi Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

This speaker has Bluetooth connectivity and doubles as a Qi charger. It has a sporty look, featuring support for quick NFC pairing for compatible phones. however, it’s not portable, so you can’t take it outside.


RapidX MyPort

We are also seeing more portable power banks that are integrated with Qi charging pads, which means you can have your phone charged as you work.


Twelve South PowerPic Picture Frame Stand

At the first look, you may see that it’s a 5x7-inch picture frame, but it doubles as a Qi charger, offering 10W wireless charging. All you need to do is placing your phone inside its white frame if you don’t mind getting your photo blocked during charging.



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