Apple Killed AirPower But This Company Can Make Up For It

Vaibhav Kapadia - Sep 14, 2019

Apple Killed AirPower But This Company Can Make Up For It

A Netherlands-based company named Zens has announced to invent the wireless charger that similar to Apple’s AirPower that is never released.

Although Apple itself included wireless charging to iPhones, it killed the AirPower project. The company didn't clarify the reason it canceled this product, except for saying it didn't achieve its high standards. People think that no one can crack the tech if Apple, the tech giant that has invested billions on R&D, can’t. However, there is one small company likely to come close.

The wireless charging pad from Zens is replacing the never-be-seen AirPower

Zens, a Netherlands-based tech company, unveiled Liberty. It is a wireless charging pad that has 16 overlapping charging coils. Users can charge their handsets by placing them anywhere on Liberty’s pad instead of placing them in a specific spot. Was one technical hurdle, which Apple can’t solve, figured out by Zens? Yes, and also, no for the answer.

The wireless charging pad has numerous layered and overlapping coils. With this design, the entire surface of the pad can offer wireless charging. However, the limitation is that this product can charge only two devices at the same time, not three like the AirPower. Nowadays, several users need a wireless charger for 3 handsets, including a smartwatch, a phone, and wireless earbuds. As a result, Zens didn’t make a product that is able to replace AirPower.

The Liberty can charge 2 devices at once with a USB port for charging another device

Sometime in November, Liberty will be released in two versions. Both support 30W wireless output (15W each device) along with a 2.4 USB port in order to charge another tethered device. The difference between the two versions is their finishes. The version that has a transparent glass top displaying the charging coil pattern inside has the price of Rs 12,788 while with Rs 2,841 less, you can own a fabric top courtesy of Kvadrat, a Danish textile company.

There are several rumors about the reasons Apple canceled AirPower. However, poor interference between coils as well as weak heat management is some of the disturbing issues that this tech giant’s engineers can’t even address. Liberty might work more steadily since it supports only two handsets at once. If you still expect a wireless charger supporting for three devices instantaneously, SliceCharge exists as a good solution. Nevertheless, you will have to scarify the flexibility as well as the reassurance of knowing that after all your devices will recharge wherever they land.


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