12 Interesting Gadgets Under Rs 5,000 For A Smart Home

Jyotis - Sep 17, 2019

12 Interesting Gadgets Under Rs 5,000 For A Smart Home

Here is the list of 12 gadgets under Rs 5,000 you can decorate for your home! They include smart bulbs, smart remotes, smart plugs, smart speakers, as well as many other smart devices.

You may not know that it is unnecessary to spend much money possessing a smart home. A lot of gadgets in good prices are available on the current market for you to choose, from smart bulbs, smart remotes, smart plugs, smart speakers, as well as many other smart devices under Rs 5,000.

Here is the list of 12 gadgets under Rs 5,000 you can decorate for your home!

1. Syska WiFi-Enabled Smart Plug (Rs 1,999)

The WiFi-enabled smart plug from Syska.

Available for Rs 1,999, the smart plug supports the WiFi connectivity and allows users to switch on or off directly on their smart display or smartphone or smart speaker.

2. Oakter Smart Plug (Rs 3,490)

The Oakter smart plug.

The smart plug is now sold for Rs 3,490 on Amazon India. It can connect with a smart home device or a smartphone, and allows users to control remotely.

3. Google Home Mini - A Smart Speaker For Smart Home (Rs 3,999)

The Google Home Mini Smart Speaker.

Another product in this list of 12 smart home gadgets is sold for Rs 3,999. The smart speaker from Google is designed with lots of prominent advantages to compete with the Echo Dot from Amazon. Running Google Assistant, the Home Mini also helps users to look for information, gain control over other connected smart devices, as well as to stream music.

4. Echo Dot – Amazon Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Smart Speaker (Rs 3,999)

The Amazon Echo Dot.

This smart speaker is the third generation of Amazon Echo Dot and it is also known as the lowest-price version. You can purchase it for Rs 3,999. The Amazon Echo Dot provides voice controls that let users handle their smart products more effectively.

5. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080P (Rs 2,699)

Xiaomi-Mi-Home-Security-Camera 1080p
The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera.

The 360-degree camera can be purchased at Rs 2,699. It is equipped with infrared night vision, motion detection. In addition, users can expand its memory to up to 64 GB using a microSD card.

6. CP Plus Security Camera (Rs 2,699)

The CP Plus Security Camera.

The sixth slot in the recommended 12 gadgets belongs to CP Plus WiFi Home Security Camera. It is now available for Rs 2,699. It provides images with the resolution of 1080p and has 64GB microSD card support.

7. Universal WiFi Smart Remote From Broadlink (Rs 3,199)

The Broadlink RM Mini 3 Universal remote controller.

Users just need to connect this smart remote with a smart display or smart speaker or smartphone to control other devices in a remote distance or using voice controls. It is now available for Rs 3,199.

8. Oakter Infrared/WiFi Remote (Rs 1,490)

The Oakter Infrared/Wi-Fi Remote.

Here is the second gadget from the Oakter brand. It is sold for Rs 1,490 and helps users turn on or off a variety of appliances such as air purifiers and air conditioners via their voice command after they connect this device with smart speakers or smartphones or smart displays.

9. Xiaomi Mi Led Wi-Fi Smart Bulb (Rs 1,299)

The Mi Led Wi-Fi Smart Bulb.

You can buy this smart bulb for Rs 1,299. It supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and allows users to control via a connected smartphone.

10. Smart Power Strip From Xergy (Rs 2,600)

The Xergy Smart Power Strip.

The smart power strip from Xergy is compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It comes with up to 04 plug points and 02 USB charging ports. It is now sold for Rs 2,600.

11. Syska 9W Smart Led Bulb (Rs 799)

The Syska 9-Watt Smart Led Bulb.

The smart bulb is the cheapest product in the list of the 12 gadgets for a smart home. You can have it for only Rs 799. With a connected smartphone or smart device, you can easily control colors and brightness levels without any difficulties.

12. Broadlink WiFi Power Strip With 04 Ports (Rs 2,700)

The Broadlink WiFi Power Strip.

The last name comes from the Broadlink brand. Connecting it to your Wifi network, you can adjust its capabilities to turn on or off separately via an application. It costs Rs 2,700.


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