With This Valet Robot, You Won't Have To Find A Parking Spot Anymore

Dhir Acharya - Jan 26, 2019

With This Valet Robot, You Won't Have To Find A Parking Spot Anymore

A startup has developed a robot that will help bring your car to the parking lot at the airport and get it ready for you to pick up when you return.

Your parking concerns at the airport will soon be over with the help of Stan – the valet robot.

Stan Robot Valet 1

This week, Gatwick Airport in Britain announced that it will carry out a pilot program, in which Stan, the valet robot from Stanley Robotics, will be used to see how many cars its parking lot can contain at most. In August, the program will launch at Zone B of the airport’s long-term parking lot and will last three months, covering the busier parts during the holiday season.

With this technology, drivers only need to drive their car to a predetermined drop-off location, left it there then call on Stan using a touch screen. The system will scan the car to measure its size, next, Stan with its built-in ramp will come to the location and take the car to a fitting spot. Stan is powered by electricity and determine the car’s location using GPS.

Before Gatwick, Charles de Gaulle airport in France also tried this technology to increase the number of cars jammed in its parking as doors won’t need opening. Also, France’s Lyon and Germany’s Dusseldorf are another two locations to test this technology.

Stan was introduced by French startup Stanley Robotics in 2017. According to the company’s website then, customers book their spot online via its site or a mobile app. In addition, the system is also integrated with the flight details of customers so that when they come back, their car will be ready to be picked up.


Parking is such a stress, no matter on a busy city street stuffed with millions of cars or at the airport where the parking lot is kilometers away and also filled with cars. With Stan and similar technology systems, parking will take much less time and cause much less frustration for everybody. The best thing is, you don’t have to tip a robot.


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