What Robots Will Appear At CES 2021?

Dhir Acharya - Jan 06, 2021

What Robots Will Appear At CES 2021?

Robots are one of the most important categories at CES where companies show off their technological and robotic capabilities through exhibitions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES 2021) will be held virtually, which can be harder for everyone, especially the robots to be showcased during the event.

Reading and watching what a newly developed robot can do is interesting, but it’s cannot touch the experience you have when seeing the action in person. And the robots exhibited at CES have never failed to impress visitors.

CES 2020
CES 2020

In 2021, however, there isn’t a show floor for amazing robots but we will still see new creations from robotics companies. Here are what will be shown at CES this year.

Robots that protect us

The year 2020 taught us a huge lesson about the importance of maintaining good hygiene and sanitation. It also showed how technology can help in keeping us safe. And since the coronavirus is still affecting more people, killing more lives every day, several companies will showcase robots built to sanitize surfaces.

For example, South Korean firm Hills Engineering created Coro-Bot, an antivirus disinfection robot that can move autonomously. It features flexible arms to determine which area needs cleaning and will sterilize it with ultraviolet. The robot also comes with an air circulator with the ability to kill airborne coronavirus as well as other viruses using a far-infrared ceramic filter.


Meanwhile, LG will likely show off a robot radiating ultraviolet light for disinfecting high-traffic, high-touch areas. This robot can also move on its own and navigate around the furniture to clean an entire room. It can be used in education, hospitality, retail, corporate, transportation, and restaurant venue environments.

In another example, Ubtech will show a sanitizing robot of its own. Named Adibot, the system has two robots including Adibot-A and Adibot-S, both of which use UV for disinfecting surfaces.

Robots that educate and entertain

One of the most anticipated robots in CES 2021 is Moxie. This is a companion robot that helps children build emotional, cognitive, and social skills through daily play-based learning and educational content. The robot contains input from child development experts and educators. It could be a very useful robot for homeschooling.


Petit Qoobo is a candidate from the Japanese firm Yukai Engineering. It’s a cute robot that will be introduced alongside an updated version of Bocco Emo, the home emotional companion robot.

Another Japanese firm, Vanguard Industries, will showcase Moflin, a lovely AI pet robot. It looks like a gray guinea pig. Each Moflin robot will develop its own individual personality over time with the ability to express emotion via sound and movement.

Robots that replace human labor

The X Series is a harvester featuring cameras that let farmers see the inside of grain tanks. It also comes with autonomous driving capabilities, computer vision, and machine-to-machine communication.

Hive Controller is another robot designed to work outdoors. It’s focused on honey extraction and removing honeycomb from a beehive in about 1 minute.

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