With This 6.6-Inch Drone, No Enemies Can Hide From The US Army

Viswamitra Jayavant - Feb 15, 2019

With This 6.6-Inch Drone, No Enemies Can Hide From The US Army

The U.S. Army has officially updated their arsenal with a pocket-sized reconnaissance drone from which the enemies will have a hard time hiding from.

The U.S. has once again proven to the world that it is at the forefront of weapon technology. The United States Army was reported to be looking at the prospect of arming its numerous combat units with pocket-sized Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs). The UAV, dubbed ‘Black Hornet’, is a reconnaissance system developed by FLIR Systems, based in Oregon as part of a $39.6 million contract.

Black Hornet Nano Helicopter Uav

The Black Hornet

The UAV, whose full name is ‘Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System’ (PRS) is small enough to fit in an adult’s palm. The body is an impressive 6.6-inches (16.7 cm) across, and furthermore, only weighs 33 grams. Do not underestimate the Black Hornet for its size, however, as they’re incredibly efficient and capable. Under one single charge, they can fly continuously for 25 minutes at speed up to 21.48 km/h. The maximum range of the Black Hornet is also an expansive 2 km.


Black Hornet is equipped with an advanced surveillance suite. It will allow the drone to fit the job as the soldier’s ‘eye in the skies’. Within the small UAV is a sensitive camera capable of recording HD photos and footages.

The UAV’s controller - or Ground Control Station (GCS) - is also just as portable and small as the Black Hornet itself: The size of a palm. The GCS will communicate with the UAV and control it directly through an encrypted transmission.


Black Hornet is also strengthened to work under hostile combat environment that soldiers would eventually find themselves in. It can operate at extreme temperatures from sub-freezing -10°C to swelling 43°C. The system can also withstand high wind condition of up to 20 knots.

Army's Future Soldier

The UAV is part of the Army’s Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) programme which aimed to provide the American soldiers with unmanned aerial systems so as to further their combat effectiveness.

Functional combat units in the Army have already received the first batch of these UAVs.

Explaining the benefit of the project, a statement released by the U.S. Army noted: 

Screenshot 3


Peace-Time Application

Since Black Hornet and nano-sized UAVs just like it are purely reconnaissance and surveillance platforms. Armed Forces worldwide might find these systems useful. For example, they could be deployed in response to natural disasters. By allowing first responders and rescuers an aerial view of the affected area. It’d be easier for them to locate distress points and find the quickest routes to locate and reach the survivors during a crisis such as earthquakes and wildfires.


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