Soyuz Rocket Failed Launch Almost Killed A US And Russian Astronaut

Jeet Parikh - Oct 01, 2018

Soyuz Rocket Failed Launch Almost Killed A US And Russian Astronaut

Two astronauts from the US and Russia has escaped death narrowly after their Soyuz type rocket has problems during launching

Two astronauts were extremely lucky today to escape a painfully fiery death after their rocket suddenly experienced a failure during the launching sequence. The astronauts had no other choice but to make an urgent landing after their Soyuz MS-10 rocket experienced a failure at one of the booster rockets. Luckily, this accident happened right after the rocket was launched from Baikonur of Kazakhstan only a few single minutes.

Being launched along with the rocket from a cosmodrome that has been in use since the Soviet era was American astronaut Colonel Nick Hague along with Russian Aleksey Ovchinin. As a reporter from Reuters, who was right at the scene observing the launch, stated, the launch was initially fine in all the early stages. Thus, we can assume that the problem was one of the boosters of the rocket experiencing a failure.

The Soyuz MS-10 rocket was expected to take the two passengers out to the orbit and into the International Space Station. Footage that was retrieved from the inside of the Soyuz MS-10 shows that the two astronauts were being shaken around quite violently in their respective seats, their limbs were flailing about their body.

Fortunately, the two astronauts were finally able to complete a “ballistic descent”. In addition, they were also able to retain their contact by radio. Thus, the rescuers were on their way to pick the two unlucky astronauts up already. The two astronauts were safely rescued and from appearances, they seem to be still healthy.

The two astronauts appear to be healthy

Meanwhile, Russia has released a statement saying that it would be suspending all of the manned flights going forward for a foreseeable future. It has said that the suspension of the manned flights would keep going on until they have completed a thorough investigation into what happened to the Soyuz MS-10 rocket. From the first stage of the investigation, people were able to detect that it seems like the issue appeared between the first stage of the separation process and the second stage of the separation process. From this, they were able to determine that the issue appeared at about 90 seconds after the flight had started. However, there still is no clear sign of what is the main reason behind this problem.

This whole accident has deepened the cloud that is hanging over the Roscosmos. After all, before this unfortunate accident happened a few weeks, a small hole the size of a thumb was found in a Soyuz craft’s hull. This craft was docking at the International Space Station. This hole was a reportable problem as it was leaking out precious oxygen into the vast space.


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