Top Illogical Mistakes In 'The Hunger Games' Series

Anil - May 07, 2020

Top Illogical Mistakes In 'The Hunger Games' Series

Pardon me, my Katniss!

Needless to say, The Hunger Games series – which includes The Hunger Games (2012), Catching Fire (2013), and Mockingjay (2014) – has won the hearts of many film lovers around the world.

The Hunger Games Katniss
The movies still get some mind-boggling mistakes.

Since the start of Mockingjay, The Hunger Games received plenty of different reviews from audiences, both ups and downs. Maybe you’re the one who hardly finds any wrong with the movies, but there are still a bunch of illogical mistakes and errors in some scenes or throughout the plot.

Let’s take a glance at such head-scratching odds that seem to make no sense in The Hunger Games.

Why Does The Capitol Need District 12?

Panem is home to Katniss and all characters in the movie. The post-apocalyptic nation has thirteen districts alongside the Capitol, where different several social classes reside. While the rich and famous figures live in the Capitol, lower classes like workers and the poor maintain their lives in the other districts.

The Hunger Games District 12
District 12.

In fact, each district is responsible for providing its own goods to the Capitol. Katniss was born into District 12, the poorest district amongst all. District 12 has produced medicine since the Second Rebellion, but it was focusing on coal mining. However, the Capitol looks very developed, so it’s unbelievable that they’re still relying on such a kind of outdated energy.

Peeta’s Camouflage Skills

The Hunger Games Peeta Camouflage
Master of camouflage.

Peeta Mellark also grew up in the same district with Katniss. He started working at his dad’s bakery and seems very good at decorating cakes. Surprisingly, he owns incredible camouflage skills to hide himself from enemies. These skills apparently came from his experience when decorating plenty of cakes every day.

Without any doubt, it’s a cool skill but it seems impossible for Peeta to reach such an artistic level. It would even cost a couple of years to master this ability, for sure.

The Placement Of The Cameras

The Hunger Games Snows Cameras

Despite the fact the putting cameras into the games isn’t something nonsense, they were placed in weird spots outside the arena, making these scenes a little bit confusing.

Katniss Never Runs Out Of Arrows

The Hunger Games Katniss Is So Beautiful
Oh my Katniss!

This error has taken the world of filmography for decades. Our characters are caught entering into battle without having to worry about the ammunition supply. The endless amount of ammo enables both heroic men and bad guys to confront each other. Absolutely, Katniss in The Hunger Games also never runs out of arrows.


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