The Weight Of ‘1 Kilogram’ Will Be Redefined. Maybe It’s Not Good News For Women!

Author - Nov 15, 2018

The Weight Of ‘1 Kilogram’ Will Be Redefined. Maybe It’s Not Good News For Women!

Scientists will discuss the new definition of '1 kilogram' after 192 years we have applied the present definition. That aims to ensure the higher accuracy in the measurement unit.

On Friday, November 16, the leading measurement experts from all over the world will have a meeting to redefine the weight of ‘1 Kilogram’ that has been unchangeable for 129 years.

Women may not be happy when knowing that they probably become heavier although they haven’t even tasted any chocolate or sweet for many months.

The reason is that scientists have had a plan to renew the definition of the kilogram instead of its present standards.

666962107The International Prototype Kilogram (IPK)


The first time scientists introduced the kilogram’s definition was the year 1889 and it has kept unchanged until today. At that time, they used a block made of 90% platinum and 10% iridium to measure the weight of ‘1 Kilogram’. The block, also known as the “International Prototype Kilogram” (IPK for short), was placed in a secure vault in the capital of France.

Over time, the block doesn’t keep the same weight as it used to. Ian Robinson who works as a materials and engineering specialist at Britain’s National Physical Laboratory said to Reuters that pollutants floating in the atmosphere could stick to the block. As a result, its accuracy can no longer ensure.

He further explained that even when the block was carefully cleaned or handled to remove dust, the mass can still be changed and that was not an ideal choice to define mass.

Understanding this truth, scientists have decided to look for a more stable standard.

This Friday, the chief measurement experts from all over the world will come to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures to discuss the new definition of ‘1 Kilogram’. At the meeting, the concept ‘electronic kilogram’ may be applied as a new measurement base.

KibbleThe Kibble balance

The same thing used to happen to the meter 35 years ago. The meter had been measured based on the length of a bar including two ingredients: platinum and iridium until 1983, it turned to a new definition of the distance that light travels in a vacuum.

As for the kilogram, a Kibble balance will be chosen to measure the mass of an object via a precise electromagnetic force according to Planck’s constant.

Robinson also added, "One of the things this (new) technique allows us to do is to actually measure mass directly at whatever scale we like, and that's a big step forward."

While scientists have been considering the new definition of the kilogram for many years, the average people may not be much affected in their daily life.



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