Students Receive Task Of Adding 1,667 Friends On WeChat To Get An A+

Harin - Mar 19, 2019

Students Receive Task Of Adding 1,667 Friends On WeChat To Get An A+

A Chinese university professor has sparked a heated online debate after requiring his students to add 1,667 friends on WeChat, China’s most popular social network, to get an A+.

According to Chinese media, a professor from the Henan University of Economics and Laws gave students in the Online and New Media course a strange assignment.

Specifically, on March 10th, the professor asked his students to have at least 1001 new friends on WeChat, a popular messaging app with more than 1 billion users in China.

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Students who make it to the 1001 number will get a score of 60 to 100. Meanwhile, to get the maximum score (A+), they need to add at least 1667 new friends.

And to add more pressure, the mark of this assignment would account for 30% of the semester’s final average grade and there would be no alternative assignments.

This task was complained by students, especially those who are introverted, as being too difficult. One student said:


Another professor at Henan University of Economics and Law defended his colleague, saying this assignment is to prepare students for real life. He said:


The task was posted on China’s Twitter, Weibo and quickly went viral. It ignited a heated debate online. Some people actually supported the decision of the professor, saying the assignment was “reasonable.” Others disagreed, claiming the task would only make sense if it were for a marketing course.

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The score you get corresponds with the number of new friends that you add on WeChat

One Weibo account thought this course was good by offering many challenges.

Another one commented:



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